attaching beadboard to a flooring using nails or screws

should i use nails or screws to refasten my subfloor to should i use nails or screws to refasten my subfloor to the joists? my chief concern is longevity of the solution, i don't want the floor squeaking again in 5 years. screws will likely hold longer than nails, but with the way higher nailing rate and the right nails suggestions? will nails be a better choice for me? your nail/screw

is it better to use nails or screws to attach wood floor is it better to use nails or screws to attach wood floor trim to drywall? finished putting drywall over the plaster walls in my bedroom, all mudded, smooth and everything. now i want to add wood trim as baseboards and was planning on buying 1x5x8 common board piece of wood. but being

how to drive screws perfectly the family handyman here were using trim-head screws to connect a fence rail to a post. but you can also use them in place of galvanized casing nails to install exterior doors and windows, or to attach exterior trim. trim-head screws have several advantages over nails. they hold better and are easier to install in tight areas.

type of screws the seven trust community i was thinking of using grip rite 2-1/2 fine thread sheetrock screws started having second thoughts and have even considered using an air nailer and nails would be open to both ideas and what to use and what would be wrong with what we have in mind screws for furring strip and for beadboard nails for furring strips and bead board

how to attach baseboard trim to drywall home guides sf 4 attach floor molding to drywall; when using a finish hammer and nail set, use the hammer to drive the nail to within 1/4 inch of the trim's surface. place the nail set squarely on the head

how to fasten anything to concrete - popular mechanics how to fasten anything to concrete trying to screw or nail into concrete sounds like a near-impossible task. but attaching to concrete really isnt much more difficult than fastening to wood

how to install beadboard paneling how-tos diy use a pry bar to carefully remove existing moldings and any protruding surface materials. also remove and save any window trim that will be in the way. the moldings will be replaced over the beadboard in the finished project. beadboard may be installed over drywall or old plaster providing these materials are solidly attached to the wall framing.

how to install beadboard wainscoting this old house what to do at doors , windows, and floors. where a cap rail meets a door or window casing, tom notches the rail so it overlaps the casing. step ten // how to install beadboard wainscoting. nail on cap rail. 8. finishing nails. 4d and 6d. 9. 3/4-inch brads. to attach ogee molding to underside of cap rail

how to install wood planks on a ceiling home guides sf a wood ceiling adds an interesting focal point to a rooms decor. for ceilings in good condition, you install wood planks by connecting their tongue-and-groove fasteners and then attaching the

how to build a kitchen cabinet with wood screws - sawdust those screws will be visible unless you cover the sides with a thin panel like beadboard but if the sides of the cabinet will be butted up to another cabinet or the wall and they wont ever been seen, who cares? wood glue and screws will provide strong joints and you can build the cabinets quickly and securely.

how to build a wall using laminate flooring - the seven trust if you use the liquid nails adhesive with the laminate planks over the bricks without the plywood, you won't guarantee yourself a level surface to install the planks if the brick isn't level or some parts slightly stick out. laminate flooring needs at least 1/4" levelness to occur so that no warping or disfiguring occurs.

installing wallboard with adhesive has sound benefits using wallboard adhesive like liquid nails can also substantially reduce the number of fasteners required by eliminating the need for screws or nails in the field or center of the board. granted, you have to factor in the additional time requiring to apply the adhesive, but given the other benefits, this extra step would seem well worth it.

how to install beadboard - bob vila bob vila answers a reader's question about how to install beadboard. to submit a question of your own, visit the forum expert advice from bob vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home

install bead board walls the easy way tips to do it on a after putting the screws in the corners which will be hidden by the trim , then we use a nail gun to use pin nails to secure it to the wall along the studs from top to bottom. the second piece overlaps just a bit, to make the tongue and groove action do its magic. then rinse and repeat with all of the screws and nails.

use correct nail types and sizes for the best results there are duplex nails that have a doubled-head for easy removal in temporary work. there are also special nails for outdoor flooring, upholstery, and for concrete. there is an entire subcategory of nails used in power nailing guns. these guns, driven by electricity or compressed air, use nails that are manufactured in strips.

how to: install beadboard wainscoting like a pro beadboard wainscoting is one of the best ways to dress up a boring room. and for a historic homes bathroom, nothing fits better than that original beadboard wainscoting style. ill walk you through the best way to install a true beaded-plank wainscoting by highlighting one of our latest

using tapcons and split drive anchors to attach wood purchase split drive anchors purchase tapcon anchors it is still possible to enjoy the beauty of outdoor floors with a concrete slab home. when fastening the sub-floor of a wood flooring system to a concrete slab, one simple option is the use of a concrete fastener.

installing beadboard on plaster walls : homeimprovement a level will serve to d a plumb line on the plaster, floor to ceiling at the center of the studs. snap a chalk line or use a pencil or lumber crayon. be prepared to find no well placed studs at the left and right ends of the wall, so gluing construction adhesive, liquid nails type, in a caulking tube is likely needed in those areas.

nails or screws for attaching underlayment the floor pro i have yet another question. when ever i read about attaching a plywood underlayment to a subfloor it talks about using nails. i can't find any instruction or installation guidelines that note using screws. i have read on this forum that it is possible to utilize screws but i don't understand why all the direction leave out using screws as an

how to hang anything on anything today's homeowner how to hang anything on anything. out from under my feet and off the beds. i had planned to use toggle bolts to attach the 2x10 x 20 or so, on the length to the studs, but the studs are in the wall *the wrong way* for me to drill thru and use the toggles wing anchor. i can not use a nail or screw as the particle

beadboard - nails or staples ? - jlc-online forums re: beadboard - nails or staples ? if you use 18 ga and set the depth right, you won't split the tongues. just nail at an angle like outdoor flooring. i wouldn't recommend staples because they are not nearly long enough and the crown creates a split. adhesive is a good addition, but too much and you will inhibit natural movement.

diy: how to install beadboard on walls and ceilings assuming your cuts are accurate, start on one side of your room and attach the sheet of beadboard to the wall with construction adhesive on the back in a squiggly shape and then with lots of nails. at house updated shows us how to install beadboard on the walls and ceiling. how to install beadboard on walls and ceilings; diy

help what's the best way to attach beadboard plywood to i would use 2 pressure treated 2x4s tap-conned to the wall horizontally. measure up from the floor to the height of your bead board and snap a level line across. tap con the top 2x4 to that line with a masonry bit have your buddy help hold the 2x4 to the line and drill thru the wood and brick insert tap con screw and crank it down.