industrial handrail weight per foot

how ge got on track toward the smartest locomotives ever sci-tech how ge got on track toward the smartest locomotives ever. these sensor-packed locomotives compute some 150,000 data points per minute. cnet road trip 2014 got a chance to see how they're

inside a 747-8 under construction flaps. with the engines installed, the 747-8 is almost ready to leave the factory. from behind you can see the full sweep of the aircraft's 224-foot, 7-inch wing and the broad flaps extending

orbital sciences preps antares rocket for maiden flight orbital sciences corp. made final preparations tuesday for the first test flight of its antares rocket, a new commercially-built two-stage booster designed to launch unmanned cargo ships to the

china defends safety of its exports the 16-foot tsunami killed at least 430 people on the islands of java and sumatra. people along the coastline are being told to stay inland due to fears of another tsunami and now air travelers

parker solar probe launched on sun-study mission right rail - video promo - listing trump pushes for wall at the border president trump flew to the rio grande valley in texas to renew his push for billions for his border wall.

space station crew inflating experimental "beam" external the international space station crew began the process thursday of inflating an innovative expandable space module developed by a las vegas billionaire, but the inflation stalled and nasa called

spacex launch: falcon 9 rocket launch and landing in 2017, had 710 homicides, more per capita than any u.s. state. last year the number dropped to 641. but so far this year, 22 people have been murdered on the island. david begnaud

how nasa trains astronauts 40 feet underwater the astronauts also have 6-foot "local tethers," knight explained, that they use to lock themselves onto handrails at each place where they're practicing a task. "everything they do today," knight

commercial cargo ship launched to space station a workhorse atlas 5 rocket blasted off from cape canaveral tuesday and boosted an orbital atk cargo ship into space carrying more than 7,600 pounds of supplies, equipment and research hardware

nasa's moon plans bring hope, challenges nasa also takes pains to point out its economic influences--jobs, spinoffs, and money infused in the country's industrial base. the agency is seeking a 6 percent budget increase to $19.3 billion

singer sarah brightman will travel to space soprano sarah brightman, believed to be one of the world's wealthiest classical crossover performers, has booked a seat on a russian soyuz spacecraft for a 10-day visit to the international space

winter storm: latest on nor'easter snowstorm, flooding in pennsylvania, all commercial vehicles are banned from interstates 380 and 84, while empty strht trucks, double trailers and other types of commercial carriers have been ordered off several

five states sue over invasion of asian carp commercial fishermen had found the 3-foot-long, 20-pound carp in lake calumet on chicago's south side, about six miles downstream of lake michigan, according to the asian carp regional

fast food linked to child obesity every day, nearly one-third of u.s. children aged 4 to 19 eat fast food, which likely packs on about six extra pounds per child per year and increases the risk of obesity, a study of 6,212