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how to build a retaining wall with railway sleepers having fixed the sleepers in place and set the concrete, you can also connect the backs of the sleepers together, with lengths of wood, metal strips or wire. that will help to strengthen the retaining sleeper wall, if there is any pressure at any one point by soil pushing the sleepers forward.

sleeper retaining walls 101 - shape and form for example if your wall is going to be 800mm high, the holes for your posts should be 500mm deep. time now to concrete your posts into position. sleeper retaining wall posts come in two varieties – steel galvanised h beams or a vertical sleepers. using sleepers as your posts costs about a third of the price of h beams.

how to build a sleeper retaining wall – mark mcnee how to build a sleeper retaining wall retaining walls are never cheap or easy but building one from timber railway sleepers is probably as cheap and easy as you are likely to find. as the sleepers are simply screwed together their construction is well within the abilities of most people without any specialist building experience.

sleeper retaining walls – post and rail landscaping do it how to build a sleeper retaining wall. first there a few different designs of timber walls and depending on the height and the theme you want to go with the rest of your landscape then your choice will differ as to which one to build. timber walls can be split up into two main types, closed faced or open faced.

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retaining walls with railway sleepers railway sleeper retaining walls are great alternatives to using bricks, concrete or stone. do you want to make a wall out of railway sleepers, but unsure how ? check out these imaginative and inventive retaining wall projects using railway sleepers.

retaining walls timber retaining walls sleepers diy if you are looking to build a retaining wall we have you covered, from a small garden retaining wall, to sleeper retaining walls, round log retaining walls, wing split (half log) retaining walls, bevelled edge sleeper retaining wall, the retainit retaining wall systems and any other suitable timber combination you can think of.

how to build a retaining sleeper wall - avs fencing supplies 3. strengthen the sleepers, especially if it's a strht wall, from behind with metal posts. if the wall has corners, this may not be necessary. the second way to build a sleeper wall is to stand them vertically a vertical walls means you can vary the height of it in different places and even create a curved, rather than strht, wall.

guide to building a retaining wall with treated pine sleepers timber treatments can significantly enhance the lifespan of timber, particularly for in-ground applications. treated pine sleepers are commonly used for outdoor applications, such as building retaining walls, garden beds, steps and garden furniture.