can you use decking board for fence

can i use fence boards as decking can you use fence boards for deck . can i use fence board to make a deck? yahoo answers 24 may 2012 best answer: fence boards are way to thin to use for a deck unless you put a lot of extra supports ..>> can i use fence boards for deck flooring . anybody use decking boards for fence? - the chronicle of the

composite deck boards on a privacy fence - general discussion i want to build a privacy fence in the back yard 90×30 feet. wood takes a lot of maintenance. and from what i can tell vinyl tends to get brittle and falls apart. so i’m thinking that composite deck boards may be the way to go for a fence you don’t have to mess with every year.

anyone made a fence out of decking ? - page 1 - homes you could easily replicate that using decking boards,for that pic you would use a 100mm wide board and maybe a stain (cuprinol or ronseal both have a good selection,water based and easy to apply )

deck boards vs fence boards - community forums normally, at least in my neighborhood, fence boards are 1” or less thick but have the same width as my deck boards (5½”). technically, i suppose i could use the same decking boards to replace my fence boards (when that day eventually comes), but its going to be a great deal more expensive than purchasing 1” boards.

can i use decking boards for interior flooring? hunker while composite decking boards aren't commonly used indoors, you could use them for interior flooring. the concerns for a solid base in composite decking's outdoor use need to be addressed for its indoor use, but otherwise you can install composite decking wherever you want.

unbelievable! old fence boards can be that useful that you'll you’ll regret throwing weathered garden fence boards, once you’ll see these 20 diy old fence board ideas available with step by step tutorials. instead of throwing away those old garden fence boards, reuse them to create these spectacular objects for your home and garden! 1. diy love headboard

anybody use decking boards for fence? - chronicle forums i want to put up some more board fence, but rough-cut is really a pita to deal with. i can get 1x6 treated poplar fence boards, but treated 5/4 decking is cheaper, as well as being thicker.