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memorial day weekend in msp-5 days my fiancé and i will be spending 5 days sat.-wed in "slim pickin's" bloomington for a conference and for leisure. our initial idea was that we wanted this to be a culinary experience and would give up the 4-star for a 3-star and eat well in exchange for a modest hotel. please give us feedback

philips hues newest smart lights step outside but are i tried to hide them under the railing here on the deck at the cnet smart home, and as you can see they aren't exactly inconspicuous. another problem with these lights, you can't cut them if they

online tools that help you redesign your home culture online tools that help you redesign your home. getting your home to look the way you want isn't always easy. but with the help of these online tools, you can try out different ideas before

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second wind for hydrogen in the eco-car race? moshe stern, c.en's chief executive, said the electric car will dominate the market for years to come, but the cheap and unlimited supply of hydrogen will make it the power source of the future.

meet the bomber the us is sending to crush isis the b-52 has been a symbol of american power since the 1950s. the youngest one in the air force may be a half-century old, but it's still a fierce fighting machine.

how to throw the perfect baby shower baby face this is a hilarious game that will get baby shower guests laughing give each guest color headshots of the mom- and dad-to-be, and a sheet of paper with the outline of a baby's head.

i crossed 3 countries in 14 hours on 4 trains and a bus the british rail class 374, also called the eurostar e320, is a serious piece of tech. over 1,300 feet or 400 meters long, and capable of transporting over 900 people at 200 mph/320 kph, they're

grand theft auto: san andreas walkthrough if youre trying to get cj nice and big, though, feel free to stuff his face with fast food; its cheap enough to do. exercise a little exercise can go a long way in san andreas, especially if

food gifts that keep on giving if you have a foodie on your holiday gift list, the early show's resident chef, bobby flay, would like to make your life a little easier. he compiled a list of great food-related presents that any

high anxiety: pot growers fear legal weed the smell of pot hung heavy in the air as men with dreadlocks and gray beards contemplated a nightmarish possibility in this legendary region of outlaw marijuana growers: legal weed.

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what kind of things do you grow? it seems to me that it isn't worth growing something that is inexpensive and readily available at the store. but it does seem worth growing things you can't get good quality at the store or is too expensive at the store. for example: fennel should be easy to grow but is expensive at the store. herbs