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unreal gold faq/walkthrough for pc by khajiit rankin details: swim. swim. swim. swim. swim. swim and some more swim. just when you get bored of swimming "whee, these lights have a pattern , you get out of water and fight a skaarj warrior. exit the only door that opens and face yet another skaarj, a trooper. take the lift and after a short while, you'll be in a control room. kill the trooper there and open the bay door. exit the control

grand theft auto iv faq/walkthrough for xbox 360 by rarusk these boats will carry at least one cop, wielding a carbine rifle, at the back of the boat. considering that you are very vulnerable when swimming, these predators will shred you very quickly if you stay in the water for too long. although, if you are in the right boat, you can easily outrun them. they will also start to blockade bridges leading to the other areas in an attempt to stop you. 0

resident evil plot analysis for gamecube by twilde the elevator platform restarts and continues to descend. leon has lost ada again. he finds an emergency elevator that will take him down to where ada has gone, but it needs power. he finds a door to a "power room," but it is locked. in a room with a huge smelting pit, he fights his way through the tougher new breed of "lickers." he connects the emergency elevator's power and goes up to the lab

cbs watch cbs television online. find cbs primetime, daytime, late night, and classic tv episodes, videos, and information.showsfull episodesschedulebig brothersurvivorthe young and the restlessfar cry: instincts game far cry instincts was developed by ubisoft montreal studios. it was released on september 27, 2005. it was fully re-imaged from the original pc game it was released on september 27, 2005. it was fully re-imaged from the original pc game far cry with its design scaled back to work within the lower system specs of the xbox .

grand theft auto: vice city stories faq/walkthrough for snatch the briefcase and head back to the jetty to complete the mission. $3100 mission 4 - "the money truck" similar to mission 2, only the more-heavily-armed escorts will be following in oceanics. $4100 mission 5 - "the briefcase courier" same as mission 3, but the target boat has 2 escort boats. $4400 mission 6 - "the briefcase courier" this mission is a combination of missions 1 and two

far cry 3: classic edition faq/walkthrough for playstation once deep dive is available, you can take a boat to the location and use a deep dive syringe so you have enough air to swim to an old rusted out shipwreck where youll find a relic. beware of sharks here-youre likely to encounter at least one. relic no 8: heron 23 is located at map coordinates x: 413.2 y: 808.2. there is a small islet about 270 meters northwest of wellshore