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deckplans - traveller illustrated deckplans. partly annotated. deck plan collections robert pearces traveller 15mm deck plan collection google image search for large traveller deckplans brooks traveller lowport alathans traveller deckplans library data for traveller sci-fi space ship deck plan stencils for microsoft visio the traveller deckplan page distant

traveller 15mm deck plan collection - the hammer class prospector variant was incorrectly called an ore-hunter, where it should have been called an ore-hammer. the pdf with all the 15mm deck plans has been updated.-----all of these are included in a single pdf file and can be downloaded here: traveller 15mm deck plan collection. enjoy

software for making deck plans? : traveller - deck a where the bridge and staterooms are, and deck c where the cargo is and medical bay lowberths: deck a and c. deck b where the rest of the shit is with 1 fusion barbet, 1 missle barbet and 6 pulse lasers. workshop with 5 drones, library, 2 deck cargo bay. manuever 3 and jump drive 2. red area is fuel, blue area is cargo.

traveller ship deck plans traveller ship deck plans february 28, 2014 100dt aeroscout so in all the years i ve been playing traveller and more likely with never adventured a yacht deck plans starship 200 ton armed merchant marava garu class deckplan lower deck dark nova rpg deckplans

deck plans for traveller starships 8 spacecraft - far future deck plans for traveller scout/courier express boat free trader colonial cruiser corvette inspired by -xgjhv *xlog·vscience-fiction role-playing game classic traveller deck plans: 6wduvklsv dqg 6sdfhfudiw, this new deck plan pack re-imagines classic traveller starships and adds new spacecraft and charts to the mix. deck plans for traveller5

online tools for the traveller referee - ship yard. ships and vehicles. ship deck plans 'mo ships. very detailed ship designs for the races of traveller. ace dog shipyard. zhodani base shipyard. freelance traveller gurps ships. elvs traveller haven ships. derelict gen ship design tools. design - hulls and drives. starship geomorphs. ship combat. mongoose traveller space combat card

288 best traveller rpg ships images in 2019 spaceships a 300 ton stretched version of the far trader. based on classic traveller stats and a deck plan by michael johnson. the roleplaying game not traveling photo see more

traveller deck plans space ships ship map, deck plans deck plans for the bright horizon, a heavily modified corellian engineering corporation yt-1300fp freighter, the personal starship of jedi master dav man'sell. description from

large starship deckplans - well, this ship isn't large on the scale of the nostromo, but it's still a great set of deck plans. the ship is 162m long. although, the actual 'ship' part of the nostromo was probably not a lot larger than that.

peter's traveller page: starships - julia h. west the plans in 'supplement 7 - traders and gunboats' work out to about 400 dtons for a 200 dton far trader. 500 dton cargo hauler based on an illustration in the traveller's handbook for t20. 200 dton free trader based on an illustration in the t20 playtest -- quarters are on the upper deck in this version.

deck plan - traveller the travellers' naval architecture society mandates the use of deck plans throughout charted space and is the dominant regulatory body for space and starship architecture across polities, sophont species, and the greater, shared interstellar civilization.

deckplans traveller rpg blog the zhodani base i thought we had lost paul schirfs excellent deck plans when his website was closed. i found out today that they are now hosted at traveller downport. i have added a link from my starships page.. i like his version of the shivva class a lot.

ship's boat - traveller a ship's boat may mount one beam or pulse laser; remaining weapons must be missile racks and sandcasters. the craft has 13.7 tons of excess space available, and typically costs mcr16. image repository . a stock ship's boat image by a famous starcraft artist. general description and deck plans . no information yet available.

freelance traveller - the shipyard - ding deckplans freelance traveller. selecting each of the colors used in the ding and the box command d a 3' x 3' box in the center of each of the top five 5' squares along the first, left grid column, under the ship name. reset the color to black. use the text command and give each of the colors a label identifying it.

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traveller illustrated deckplan this is probably the one ship that is truly asymmetrical in shape among the traveller starships and possibly because of this it was not very highly regarded amongs players i used to play traveller with. however, i liked the old donno because it is the perfect base ship for a medium crew. i plan to model two variants.

deckplans the woolshed wargamer since i began ding these traveller starship deck plans i always had it in the back of my mind to do one of this vessel. she is a 400-dton ship, has a crew of seven and can carry up to sixteen passengers and 200 tons of cargo. her drives are capable of jump 1 and she plods along at 1g acceleration.

the weirdlands of xhuul: traveller starship deck plans for example, in the type s class scout, there are 4 staterooms. according to the ship design sheet, each stateroom takes up 4 tons of space. looking at the map, it's clearly only 3 tons. other areas of the ship also don't add up according to the design sheet and the deck plans. this has been the thing that has always bothered me about traveller.

traveller deckplans - scrying eye games the most common ship in all the known space for the traveller universe, the type s scout is the workhorse of the imperial intersellar scout services. includes an additional bonus air/raft, the most common auxiliary vehicle attached to all ships. all deck plans are in 25mm scale. hardcopy comes in 4 11x17 sheets.

ship deck plans - page 2 - mongoose publishing type-s scout classic traveller layout -requested by fireyphoenix22 tambura class mercenary assault ship i welcome feedback on whether a compilation of locations and ships is a supplement people would be interested in, or whether the old style deck plans is something that mongoose traveller players appreciate. mark lucas--

the traveller deckplan page - empress marava class far trader - gdw, traders and gunboats. another enduring classic from traders and gunboats, the marava has been used again and again and deserved a decent treatment. this was the version create as the target ship for the players to track in the repo boys campn, and the scene of the final battle.

yet another traveller blog: deck plans - starship: 200 ton deck plans - starship: 200 ton ish yacht so in all the years i've been playing traveller and more likely, playing with traveller, i've never adventured in a yacht. i'm pretty much a scout and merchant guy and my old gaming friends leaned heavily toward mercenary adventures. traveller deck plan traveller laboratory lab ship deck plans 15mm scale jan 1, 1987. paperback currently unavailable. traveller gazelle class close escort deck plans 15mm scale by staff jan 1, 1987. loose leaf currently unavailable. traveller express boat, tender, and scout ship deck plans 15mm scale

deckplans explore deckplans on deviantart scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on deviantart and find inspiration from our network of talented artists. traveller rpg deck plans starship travellerrpg ship spaceship star 4 freighters reiko-foxx 33 20 corellispace csl-232 light freighter deckplans shoguneagle 81 4 the stormshadow command deck 2 phaeton99 35 4

paul schirf's traveller starship deckplans - deckplans located in traveller supplement 7 220-400 ton slazenger class modular merchant ship version 1.0 view ship details image included download cc2 ding 23kb zip 300 ton relationship class merchant version 1.0b preview sample image download cc2 ding 11kb zip 300 ton goose class merchant version 1.0a

freelance traveller - the shipyard the freelance traveller shipyard is where you can find descriptions and specifications and eventually deck plans and interior pictures, we hope for starships and spaceships for all sorts of missions. ultimately, as we receive additional contributions from you, our readers , all incarnations of traveller will be supported.

downloads - games from mongoose publishing are always well supported with additional materials that bring your gaming experiences to life. from this page, you can freely download many new game aids, from character sheets to entire ship catalogues of deck plans traveller. character sheet - the official character sheet for traveller 379 kb

are there any good starship deck plan making tools? : rpg when i was designed ships for traveller, i used excel, with the squares resized to 100 by 100 pixels one square --> one d-ton. i used colour coding purple is bridge, red is weapon fire control, crew ares is blue etc. and then used the borders as different hatches iris, hatch,