cost of building a tin covering for my old mobile home

10 most popular materials to replace your mobile home ceiling we’ve seen homeowners use a variety of materials to replace their mobile home ceilings like beadboard, shiplap, pallets, and even sheet metal and tin. here are the 10 most popular mobile home ceiling replacement ideas for mobile homes.

2020 cost of mobile home roofing - estimates and prices paid how much mobile home roofing should cost. average costs and comments from costhelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. rubber mobile home roofs are created by stretching a thick blanket-like membrane over an existing roof at a cost of about $1,175-$2,295 in materials for a single-wide and $1,595-$3,610 for a double-wide, depending on size, manufacturer, shipping

2020 cost to build a porch covered porch per sq. ft the price of building a front vs. back porch depends less on it's location on your home and more on it's size, height, material and more. cost to add a front porch the cost to build a small porch measuring 8 feet by 10 feet ranges from $1,900 all the way up to $8,800 , based on the materials used and elements added like steps and railings.

40 mobile home awnings, carports, and patio covers anything you can add to give the home dimension or hide a mobile home’s obvious rectangular shape is a good idea. cost of mobile home awnings, carports, and covered patios. costs of mobile home awnings are dependant on several variables. as mentioned above, carports and covered patios usually have a w profile, often called a w-pan.

2020 roof replacement costs average new roof cost per square mobile home roof replacement cost mobile home roof replacement costs between $2,160 and $4,680 on average for a single-wide home, which are 600 to 1,300 square feet. asphalt is the standard roofing option on mobile homes, but a metal roof is a great upgrade because it can be installed on top of a structurally stable roof, and it will last a lot

a guide to three popular mobile home roof over materials a mobile home roof over involves placing a new roof or roofing material over your existing roof.there’s little to no material removed which can keep costs down. less labor is needed and there are much smaller refuse fees.

the best self-supported mobile home roof over designs metal mobile home roofs. there are a couple of different metal roofing systems used on mobile home roof overs. the old metal roofing found on bowstring shaped roof is usually a tin of sorts that is very thin. it is easily damaged. it is recommended to replace an older mobile home roof with a metal roof product that is flat or standing seamed.