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what are the parts of a stockade fence - answers.com a stockade is a fence formed by upright stakes or sharpened posts. by hogs that were getting attacked so they put a wall up to protect the hogs. which was just a fence around the diggings

setting fence posts - dos and don'ts - bob vila putting up a fence is a substantial, satisfying project, and particularly if youre relying on a kit, an eminently doable one. and if youre fortunate enough to have level terrain to work with, theres really just one tricky stepsetting the posts. as they say, a fence is only as strong as its posts.

fence etiquette: who gets the good side? it sounds like 75% of the commentors are putting up their fence because of the neighbors. wont stay off my side, no respect, or thoughts for you. put up your fence, and they can put up their own fence, they can turn it any way they want. all will be happy and private

determining if you need permits for fence installation a privacy fence in your backyard will often not require a permit unless it is to be over 6 feet tall, while the cut-off for the same type of fence in your front yard is just 3.5 feet. regardless of the odds of your needing a permit, you should always inquire as to whether or not you actually need one.

cost to install a vinyl fence - estimates and prices at fixr vinyl fencing can either come in pre-made sections, which are then attached to posts and put in the ground, or with individual pieces that need to be assembled before the fence can be installed. although unassembled pieces can save some money up to 35% , they also take much longer to install.

cost of 6 foot privacy fence - calculate 2019 prices now wood privacy fence. you can choose between panels that are 5 or 6 feet high by 6 or 8 feet in length, which will also influence the total cost. in addition, wooden fence whether treated or not requires the application of a protective coating or stain every five years or more preferably every two years .

vinyl fence cost calculator 2019 with installation prices property conditions: cost of vinyl fence installation can rise if you have brush and any obstacles in the way of the fence line. furthermore, if your property is sloped or is built upon a rock bed aka ledge , this can contribute to increased labor cost by as much as 30% in some cases.

how deep to dig fence post holes hunker fences are fantastic for fixing up a boring yard, creating a private space from peering neighbors or keeping animals in or out of your favorite spaces. a good fence can last for decades, and building a sturdy, durable fence starts at the foundation. erecting a solid fence is a fairly fast project once the foundation is firmly in place.

fencing installation from seven trust's seven trusts independent professional fence installers can handle chain link fence installation, vinyl fence installation, wood fence installation, privacy fence installation and more. fence installation cost depends on a few factors so get in touch with your project team today and stop worrying about how to install a fence. let a trusted fence installation service provider handle it for you.

my neighbor installed a 6 foot fence in his back yard but my neighbor installed a 6 foot wood fence in his back yard but there was already a 4 chain link fence there when i moved in that i presume was part of a line of demark that the city or utilities use because it appears to extend from one yard to the next non stop as far as the eye can see.

how to put up a fence - youtube how to put up a fence on a budget. category howto and style; show more show less. comments are disabled for this video. autoplay when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play

when putting up a privacy fence, which side should face we have a privacy fence. my neighbor says 'its ugly because the post face her yard and the smooth side faces in our yard. she told me 'it was put up illegally'. however when the fence was put up it gave her more yard because of the mature trees along the side of our yards, it would have cost a lot to have the trees cut down.

2019 privacy fence cost cost of 6 foot privacy fence fencing professionals can handle this job with ease and it will take them an average of 15 hours to put up 100 linear feet of fencing. while the specific costs of this job can vary depending on the intricacy of the design and the speed that it needs to be completed, it tends to be as low as $3 per linear foot all the way up to $13 per linear foot of fence.

am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence to my neighbour, he say's i am. a fence with rails and a wayeny panel instead then the side with no bottom batton is the good side or even easyer way around is to copy your old fence and if you have destroyed it already look back on some old garden pics before erecting the fence

invisible/wireless fence for super small yard? - chronicle another benefit of invisible fence is that it would probably be able to go around the whole house, front yard and all, so dog would have more space than just the back yard. my concern is that the area is so small, a dog would hardly have room to build up to a sprint before hitting an opposite barrier

fence posts - ask the builder your fence posts have a tremendous amount of force against them each time the wind blows. you may not think a 5-foot-tall fence is high, but in terms of wind load, it is substantial. to get an idea of what i am talking about, lift a 4x8 sheet of plywood up and take it outdoors on a windy day.

wood privacy fence neighbors who put ugly side out of course you put the ugly side out. you paid for the fence, you should enjoy the good side. in my last neighborhood, it was pretty common for neighbors to have double fences back-to-back. at the time, my local code allowed 7 so i went 7. a lot of neighbors only did 5 or 6 because they were cheapskates. 7 is really nice.

fencing: how much does it cost? ? - chris loves julia in the twin cities metro area we put up a full 6ft cedar privacy fence with two gates around our entire property. we have a small, 50 ft wide urban lot. i dont know the exact dimensions of the fence but it was about $4000 total with labor. we stained it ourselves which saved about a grand.

putting up a fence.. - home improvement dslreports forums forum discussion: recently, i've begun the project of putting up 6 foot wooden stockade fence around most of my backyard. i was in the process of drilling the holes last night when i hit a minor