deck piers under concrete slab

piers under existing slab - jlc-online forums the question was if we add a pier under each post location under the existing slab will this make the slab crack. i understand the benefits of keeping it off the slab completely after reading some of the good suggestions here. i have included a simple render of what we are doing. the patio is a stamped concrete slab.

12 in. x 8 in. x 12 in. concrete patio pier - the seven trust solid pre-cast concrete deck foundation piers are intended to help construct a free-standing wooden deck. typical deck lumber can be inserted into these block to create the foundation. manufactured of durable high strength concrete. blocks have a socket to hold the base of a 4 in. x 4 in. post, eliminating the need to dig post-holes

slab piers cnt foundations slab piers also lift your slab foundation back to its original position, solving many of your foundation problems without the aggravation of having to replace the entire slab. slab piers directly address the issue of insufficient soil by passing the poor soil and using the good soil beneath it. replacing a concrete slab ignores the soil

building deck footings - quikrete: cement and concrete products building deck footings. successfully construct a solid concrete footing for your deck or other permanent structures. - concrete slabs - masonry walls - set posts

if i add a concrete block/slab to support my deck do i need footings under the slab or giant concrete block? do i need piers or joists to support the decking material? how would they connect to the block? the situation is-is that there is a hot-tub involved in this portion of the deck with an overhead pergola.i want my hot-tub to be supported by the concrete block and nestled in.

concrete slab containing deck footings : diy - reddit outdoor concrete slab containing deck footings submitted 1 year ago * by bigbeerd hello, i am getting ready to pour a new patio which will be covered by an attached 2nd story deck to be built after .

how to pour a concrete deck footing - this old house - youtube shopping list for pouring a concrete deck footing: - long, strht 2x4s - footing form how to pour concrete footings with piers using sonotubes - duration: 4:16. benjamin sahlstrom 8,051 views.

pier slab system concrete construction magazine slab the important difference between the new floor design and conventional slab-on-ground construction is that the concrete floor, in combination with welded wire fabric, is a semi-structural slab somewhat similar to a bridge deck.

deck piers on a concrete slab - green composite decking for a concrete slab foundation repair the soil under the slab to transfer the weight of the slab to competent strata. once the piers are deck pier; technical

framing - what are the best practices for a low deck built i took shirlock's advice, and went with an 8" deck block at the two corners not on the slab. i compacted the earth a bit with a hand compactor. since the deck is not attached to the house, if there is some heave, it wont do any damage, and i can always dig some concrete holes under those two corners next spring if it turns out i need them.

how to prepare concrete deck piers and footings construction we describe using a sonotube concrete form to pour the concrete piers or footings that will carry deck posts. this article series describes critical safe-construction details for decks and porches, including the preparation of footings, piers, and pier-to-post connections for decks, porches, and exterior stairs.

a deck builder's guide to placing concrete slabs outside of footings, small slabs are what deck builders use concrete for most often. but rather than calling in a sub to pour a stair landing, hot-tub pad, or sidewalk, having the know-how to do it in-house can make jobs go a lot smoother.

placing a concrete foundation on rigid foam insulation we used four inches of type i eps to encase the sides of the footings and on the poured-concrete exterior walls of the foundation. there's a heavy layer of sprayed-on waterproofing between the concrete walls and the exterior foam. we used eight inches of type i eps under the basement slab and over the footings.

concrete slab over piers? - fine homebuilding to support the posts i was going to drill 24 holes for footings/piers, like any other deck. to support the tapered end of the ramp joists, however, i was thinking of pouring a 4 concrete slab and have the joists rest on the concrete with some sort of standoff.

piers with slab patio??? - concrete and paving - contractor talk however, the bldg dept and concrete contractor says that the piers and slab can be poured in one pour and joined together. the patio will be 26x20 and the pergola will be 14x17 post to post in the center of the patio more or less.

deck piers on a concrete slab - for a concrete slab foundation repair the soil under the slab to transfer the weight of the slab to competent strata. once the piers are deck pier; technical

what are the steps i need to take in order to build a raised provided the concrete slab is strong enough to bear the weight of the completed deck, i'd pour my own piers on top of the slab. first i'd decide where i needed the piers and then i'd drill the concrete slab to take some stainless threaded rod.

slab piers - slab settlement repair - slab repair from jes slab piers and slab settlement repair. jes slab piers are used for homes that are built on a concrete slab foundation. the piers are installed into a deep, stable soil to level and stabilize your home, and lift the concrete slab and interior walls.

deck footings, foundations and piers learn tips from the pros on how to mix and pour concrete for deck footings. learn how to use a concrete saw to cut a hole in a patio slab to install a deck footing.

foundation piers: pros and cons of slab foundations this concrete forms a thick layer, known as the slab. this initial layer is typically reinforced with post tension cables or steel rods so that the slab is sturdy and ready to bear the intense load of a house or commercial building.

deck vs slab - observatories - cloudy nights page 1 of 2 - deck vs slab - posted in observatories: ive heard many arguements as to why people chose to build a deck or pour a concrete slab for the floor of their observatory.what were the deciding factors for folks here on why you chose one over the other?