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are children being kept in 'cages' at the border? - the atlantic for example, the associated press reported over the weekend: “inside an old warehouse in south texas, hundreds of children wait in a series of cages created by metal cage had 20 .

trump border patrol pick backed putting children in cages . one cage had 20 children inside. scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips and large foil sheets intended to serve as blankets.” . and there are chain-link fence within the .

while children are still in cages - john pavlovitz yes, while children are still in cages here in america, we are finding out what kind of nation america is and will be. we will find out in the hours and days and weeks to come. we will find out in the voting booth in 2020. but while children are in cages, you are finding out what kind of human being you are, friend.

immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages at border facility mcallen, texas (ap) — inside an old warehouse in south texas, hundreds of immigrant children wait in a series of cages created by metal fencing. one cage had 20 children inside. scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips and large foil sheets intended to serve as blankets. one teenager told an advocate who visited that she was helping care for a young child she didn't know because .

dems grill nielsen for ‘caging’ children at border “yes or no, are we still putting children in cages?” thompson, a democrat, persisted. “to my knowledge, cbp [customs and border protection] never purposely put a child in a cage,” nielsen .

welcome to america in 2018: where cages are not cages unless . welcome to america in 2018: where cages are not cages unless we say they are. the action is the result of a "zero tolerance policy" for immigration and a centuries-long american custom of .

pence brings in cameras to show conditions at border . pence brings in cameras to show conditions at border detention centers 'we are not a terrorist,' one man told the cameras behind a chain-link fence

aoc shares shots of herself at the border in tone deaf display — matt walsh (@mattwalshblog) june 25, 2019. what exactly is she so upset by? we aren’t sure as all you see is a fence and a cbp patrol car. these were apparently taken in 2018 during the beginnings of the surge of migrant families. due to the flores agreement, the trump administration was hamstrung.

trump slams dems after viral photo of children in cages, from . “democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from obama’s term showing children from the border in steel cages,” trump tweeted. “they thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look .

what does the border wall look like, anyway? - trump border . catholic priests from latin america, the u.s. and canada gather to pray for migrants at the border fence in tijuana, mexico, on july 4, 2019. credit: getty a floating wall

democrats grill nielsen over migrant children in cages at the . homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen had combative exchanges with democrats on the homeland security committee on wednesday, bickering over the definition of a cage and whether migrant children are still being held in them after crossing the us-mexico border.

trump migrant separation policy: children 'in cages' in texas . "one cage had 20 children inside. scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips [crisps] and large foil sheets intended to serve as blankets," the associated press reports .

is this a photograph of a children's concentration camp in . in may 2018, a photograph of two children sleeping inside a fenced enclosure was widely circulated via social media with accompanying text stating that it pictured a “kids’ concentration camp .

'missing' immigrant children: here's what's really happening . recent reports claim the us government lost track of nearly 1,500 immigrant children amid confusion about whether they were separated from their families at the border. the truth is more complicated.

obama kept children in cages, heartbreaking images revealed . at first, the images of children in cages angered the left until they found out that the photos were from obama’s era, not president donald trump‘s. the self-righteous outrage died down overnight when that became known and they focussed instead on mr. trump’s detainment procedures, as the daily caller has reported.

aoc was actually facing an empty parking lot during emotional . aoc was shouting at the federal immigration agents from behind the fence and asking them to return migrant children to their parents. the article said that the pictures were shot during a protest against tent cities for migrant children, at the us-mexico border in texas a year ago, and one of the embedded tweets mentioned she had gone to tornillo.

trump administration holding immigrant children in cages . inside, chain-link fence provides the walls to create four pods, each including a central area, six smaller enclosures with benches and a cell of portable toilets. brightly painted platforms in the center of each pod allow staff to watch over the kids, who will be separated by age between the smaller enclosures, said roel rodriguez, who will be .

jeff merkley’s claims about immigrant children in ‘cages . the lesson here is that, although some of trump’s critics used outdated photographs from 2014 to attack his immigration policies, the practice of holding children in chain-link fence enclosures .

verify: fake photos of children 'caged' and 'imprisoned' at . children are now at the center of immigration issues. partly due to the visceral photos being shared on social media. some of those photos, however, were taken out of context.

photos: are immigrant children being held in cages? one cage had 20 children inside. . the photos of the chain-linked fence enclosures/”cages” derive from a border patrol processing center in mcallen, texas.

these are the texas immigration center photos stirring anti . migrant children sleep in what looks like a fenced-in area. the cage-like structures open up to common areas with portable restrooms, according to the ap. customs and border protection

obama officials explain viral photos of immigrant children in . several 2014 photos of detained immigrant children resurfaced and went viral in may. former obama administration officials tried to explain the context behind the photos, which appeared to show .

dings by migrant children in texas catch the smithsonian’s . in another, there is a cage holding five figures. three more figures are outside the cage — one small, like a child, and two larger, with hats. in the third picture, there are no people — only .

fact check: 'caged' child photo is not what immigration . many others shared the photo with a few words torching the trump administration’s immigration policies and encouraged others to share the picture. although many social media users claimed the boy in the photo was an illegal immigrant trapped in a cage by immigration authorities, the photo is actually from a june 10 protest staged outside of .

politifact fact-checking biden on use of cages for . youtube, the aspen institute - children in cages are not new, june 29, 2019 getty images, central processing at mcallen border patrol facility, june 17, 2018 photo from customs and border protection