wpc sound board issues

wpc sound board a-12738 repair carolina pinball repair wpc sound board a-12738 repair posted on may 25, 2016 by matthew mandarano these little sound boards in wpc era bally/williams games can be difficult to track down issues on and there are no inexpensive reproduction replacements, so the boards themselves are quite expensive if they need to be replaced.

why does nobody make new wpc sound boards? tech: generic the wpc-dcs sound boards used a different set of components, and the later wpc's are the ones that have boards available. i do have a couple ideas i'm working on for system 7/9 speech boards that may translate well to later designs too . but i've really only gotten into the early phases of this project and keep getting sidetracked.

wpc sound board problem (a-12738)**fixed** re: wpc sound board problem (a-12738)**fixed** « reply #6 on: july 22, 2010, 03:22:50 pm okay, we have a bad static ram chip (u9). turns out the chip was causing the cpu reset line and it's associated circuit to randomly dip low causing the cpu to be in a continual state of limbo.

repairing williams/bally wpc pinball games from 1990 to 1999 3o. when things don't work: sound problems. the sound on wpc games is very robust; it just doesn't fail too often. but here are some things that do fail related to sound: re-seat all the sound board ribbon cables. surprisingly, this fixes a large number of wpc sound problems! bad rectifier diodes on the sound board.

wpc sound board problem tech: modern games pinside.com need help. i have an issue with my sound board on my mm. the connector to the cabinet speaker (j504) pin #1 and #2 are both showing 14v. i checked another game and they are not anywhere near this. i replaced the diodes right above the connector, but that was not the issue. when connected, the speaker is starting to hum and i can smell it burning.

wpc dcs sound and cpu fpga project (page 1) - edward cheung 8/16/07 - fixed dsp ram problem, and wpc-95 prototype bongs twice on startup. now i need to fix the page register. 9/1/07 - a/v board prototype finally issues a single bong on startup! one of the leds on the spartan board serves as the red led on the wpc-95 board, and flashes just like the original board. another huge milestone passed.

wpc sound board problems - dc to speakers - aussie arcade wpc sound board problems - dc to speakers 4th march 2009, 07:23 pm after months (nearly 2 years) of procrastinating, i decided to fix the audio in my doctor who.

wpc sound board c28 failure - google groups wpc sound board c28 failure showing 1-13 of 13 messages. i just authored a pinwiki article on pre-dcs sound board problems. although, catastrophic failure of that