tile deck over living space

exterior tile over a living space?? the floor pro community installed ceramic tile over a living space like on a roof or deck. with ditra over that and tile. there has to be some type of drip edge to keep water from

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finished floor ideas over rubber membrane roof any ideas on a finshed floor on a deck over finshed living space above. this deck has a metal seamed floor but is going to be replaced with a new rubber membrane roof, i was thinking about maybe setting exterior tiles or maybe slate in a thin set.

installing travertine tiles on upper deck archive the space below the deck is dried in and living space , so a waterproof vinyl membrane product called has been installed over the well reinforced tongue and groove subfloor. here comes the maurizio part: the people say it is no problem to tile over their material, and i will follow their warrantee/guarantee marching orders.

2nd flr deck over living space i need to build a 2nd story deck in ny over an existing living space as part of a new 2nd story addition to the house. i would have preferred to use a product like deckrite but the home owner wants a plank deck.

structural porcelain pavers 2cm porcelain pavers are so versatile they can be used in practically every outdoor design application including; ground level patios, courtyards , garden areas and of course roof decks. porcelain pavers can be used on elevated decks with pedestals over any type of living space walk deck.

what is the best way to make a deck water proof? green home open decks above living spaces have had many failures, but they don't have to. the secret to a successful deck/roof is a good system of waterproofing and drainage, correctly installed and maintained. it can be a finish in itself or topped with a finish material, such as concrete or tile.

replacing a tiled deck over living area archive second: in situations with a deck over living space, the traditional method is to first make a roof, then a deck. in your situation, covering the plywood subfloor with a roofing membrane, then a drainage layer usually gravel or a manufacturered drainage membrane , then something to keep the mud out of the drainage layer, then a reinforced mud

building waterproof roof decks professional deck builder this applies to any deck, but it's essential for a waterproof deck over living space. always check the plans before building; decks should be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches below the level of the interior floor.

front entry decks porcelain/stone tile on outdoor decks garden furniture outdoor tiles outdoor balcony outdoor stone balcony tiles deck tile deck flooring vinyl porcelain/stone tile on outdoor decks over living space

slope of deck i was thinking the deck was over an enclosed living space. since it's not, i would think that it would come back to the manufacturer's instructions for the membrane. i don't think a deck is required to have any slope, since normally it wouldn't matter.

4 key considerations for a roof deck with tiles things to plan for when considering tiles for your roof deck. flat roof decks are a great way to maximize outdoor living space. outdoor tile is a popular choice as the finished pedestrian surface on roof decks, much to the dismay of some contractors who immediately consider tile roof decks a problem project.

awesome how to waterproof a deck over living space decking on not only awesome how to waterproof a deck over living space decking on membrane, deck materials, tile on membrane replacement, roof top deck, snapshot that could be acquired 100 % free about this site, the entire graphic within how to waterproof a deck over living space snapshot collection may become downloaded for nothing.

building a rooftop deck over living space however, you need to go well beyond code to build a reliable leak-proof deck over a living space. you can build the structural deck out of concrete, as it sounds like you are doing, or wood-frame construction.

balcony and rooftop deck waterproofing · gaco a roof deck is a flat walking deck built above an occupied living space or a roof deck that extends out over an outdoor living space. a roof deck supports the roof elements but does not provide complete protection.

failed tile decks dont use tiledek waterproof membrane there are countless stories out there about failed tiled deck projects where a home owners beautiful new tile deck started leaking after only a short time. but you dont have to be afraid to surface your deck with tiles, even on a roof deck over living space.

repairing stone patios over living space jlc online roof if the roof is not just a roof, but also a walkable deck, the problems can be compounded. and a heavy stone or tile patio that is also the roof over an occupied space may be the trickiest problem of all. in a previous issue, i discussed a case where we had to diagnose a leaking patio roof a leaking patio above living space, jun/16 .

outdoor deck jack tiles council requirements 20mm when constructing a floating deck or patio paving, it is now necessary to allow the paving tiles or floating timber decking to be easily removed in future if necessary, and, being height adjustable, they allow the tiles or decking to be raised up to the level of the living space to create the desired indoor/outdoor flow.

roof deck tiles with greatmats' flat roof deck tiles create a safer, more comfortable and more stylish roof or deck outdoor entertainment area with our rooftop deck tiles. roof deck tiles are available in several different thickness options all designed to created a living rooftop flooring space.

waterproof decking over living space waterproof decking over living spaces high quality and low maintenance. finding ways to make the most out of the living space of our homes continues to be a challenge. now you can take advantage of the outside space of your home on every level. waterproof decking provides an attractive additional living space above or below the deck surface.

outdoor tiled deck over living space re: outdoor tiled deck over living space i did these posts over a drainmat, ditra. the deck was 90% covered, but suspect the flashing will keep water out of the living space below. it may get on top of the ditra, but will not get under that, and if it does, there is the drain mat over another water proofing layer.

deck tiles customers who remodel their old patio, balcony, or roof with advantage deck tiles do so because they want a genuinely beautiful outdoor living space that lasts. while settling for painting over their existing surface is always an option, they want something better, more natural.

waterproof deck membrane there are countless stories out there about failed tiled deck projects where a home owners beautiful new tile deck started leaking after only a short time. but you dont have to be afraid to surface your deck with tiles, even on a roof deck over living space.

jlc live preview: tile and concrete decks over living space leys' 2010 jlc feature article, "dry deck over living space," is posted at the jlc website, along with a step-by-step slideshow. ley's "troubleshooting" column in this month's jlc, "scuppers and drains for waterproof decks," describes a repair job on an existing deck afflicted by leaks and dry rot.