use plastic wood under my back porch deck

getting rid of carpenter bees thriftyfun also, most of their holes are underneath my porch railing in an area too tight to get a shot into the holes with any kind of spray. every day there are fresh piles of sawdust all along under my porch railing. i tried using duct tape to tape squares of plastic cut from milk jugs over each hole, using a mirror to see the holes.

front porch fix-up this old house using a pry bar and hammer, remove the old wood on both sides of the cut, being careful not to harm the tongue of the undamaged deck board. once the waste is clear, drive the bar's curved end between the joist and the underside of the next damaged board and pry it up.

proper approach to insulation under add-on porch the main home is solid brick built 1910 and the porch enclosure appears to be wood framing with vinyl siding. it sits about 2 feet off the ground - e.g. you could walk under and see underneath to the joists. we haven't moved in but during the inspection i looked under and realized there was no insulation between the joists.

the top 5 woods for decks and porches - the answer depends on the type of decking wood you use. pressure-treated pine resists rot and repels pests, but the green or yellow-tinged lumber can be unsightly, and the pesticides it contains may be unhealthy. for a safer, more attractive deck or porch, choose an attractive yet still durable wood for the floors, railings, and steps.

decking decisions this old house comfort, elegance and living space make a deck one of the best home improvement investments you can make. according to the annual remodeling magazine "cost vs. value report," you'll get back nearly 75 percent of what you pay for a deck if you sell your home within the first year after the deck is built.

moisture barrier for open porch roof ask the experts so i have barely an inch of headroom to spare at the outside edge of the porch roof. my fear is that i'll create a situation where the battens will rot if i use a styrofoam sheet moisture barrier. someone mentioned using corrugated plastic underneath and screwing it directly to the wood joists.

adding lattice to the bottom of a deck hgtv under-deck lattice. the finished product: closed storage underneath the deck created by a beautiful lattice wall with a gate. laying pavers for a backyard patio. laying concrete pavers is a simple and inexpensive way to create a patio entertainment area. how to replace wood on a deck. repair a damaged section of your deck with these step-by

alternatives to lattice under deck or porch for deck alternatives to lattice under deck looking for alternatives to lattice for deck skirting ideas under a porch or deck?people choose to add a skirt or cover to the base of their outdoor deck or porch for many reasons. read on to learn what alternatives to lattice under a deck for deck skirting ideas are available.

exterior porch details for traditional materials recently, our company was privileged to build a home for a client with traditional tastes; the desire for an authentic lookespecially on his back porch, where he wanted wood, was specified for ceiling, walls, floor, and columns. the challenge: using sound techniques for installing traditional materials in an exterior environment.

waterproofing or under-roofing a back deck the acre my house is on slopes downward from front to back. so i have a walk out basement in the back of my house. my wooden, traditional construction back deck comes off my first floor, so there is about 90" clearance underneath the deck. i park my brush cutter under there, some other implements, and sometimes my tractor.

how to use a vapor barrier under porch home guides sf gate humidity and moisture under a porch or in a clspace can lead to many problems, including rotting wood, mold and mildew. stop moisture before it goes too far. install a vapor barrier and extra

ground cover under the deck - covering ground underneath a deck by: editor - rich bergman using wood chips as ground cover under your deck might be fine in a drier climate but i would be concerned that with the moisture you describe and the lack of light you might be creating a great breeding ground for mold and fungi. so probably stay away from wood chips in this situation.

that gap under the deck: hide it or use it - 4. build a solid wall to blend the deck with the house. if you want to completely hide the area under your deck, create a wall that extends from the base of the deck to the ground. tip: use materials that match the style of your home. here wood shingles on the side of the deck mimic the wood shingles on the home.