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true or false: tile run off means floor tiles not square several years ago i received a call from a flooring manufacturer disclosing that they had a seven-phase commercial project that was in trouble. the first two large phases, approximately 10,000 square feet each, had been installed and there was tile run off throughout the space. the flooring contractor filed a complaint with the manufacturer,…

how to lay floor tile in a room that is out of square leah demonstrates how to cut the tiles that will go against the wall, when the room is out of square, using an easy trick that pros use when faced with this problem. support see jane drill by

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how to install 12-inch tile in an unsquare room home guides no room is perfectly square, especially in older homes. thus the first step in installing tiles involves squaring the room. this procedure prevents the finished tile floor from looking crooked or

how to lay floor tile in an unsquare room ehow floor tiles are laid in a grid pattern that starts at the middle of a floor and builds toward the walls. this ensures that the cuts you make by the walls are consistent all around. if a room is badly out of square, which is common in older homes, then you will need to make some adjustment to that layout, or you could end up with tiles that look

how to start the first row on laminate floor if the wall is with a laminate flooring wall not strht, you'll need to measure the space between the two lines at one end of the room, then at the other, to determine how far out of square the walls are. example: if your measurement at one end of the room is 10 feet, and your measurement at the other end is 10 feet 2 inches, then the room is 2 inches out

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kitchen floor tiles staggered or strht? pros and cons it can be used for both wall and floor tiling; whether large or small tiles, square or rectangular tiles, this pattern serves all; it is also suitable for kitchens with complicated designs, layouts or colors; the downside of this pattern . it is not good for extremely narrow kitchens; the tiles must be of equal size to give a perfect strht

ideas for matching floor and wall tiles floor tiles can also be used on the walls and, in fact, they often are, for a variety of reasons: floor tiles are generally larger, so those who want large tiles on their walls will likely choose a floor tile. there’s a growing trend of running the floor tile up the walls of the bathroom to create a dramatic, minimalist look.

newly framed bathroom wall not square, how bad will the tile but obviously it's still not even close to being square. this happens to be the side of the bathroom where a tiled shower will be, and since we're using 2"x2" floor tiles, i'm concerned about how this is going to look with that much of a running/angled gap on that side. the last thing i want are little angled tile pieces running along that side.