how many 4x4 i need for a 16x16 deck

paver calculator and price estimator - inch calculator paver calculator and price estimator. the first step in finding how many pavers you need for a patio project is to measure the area of the project; youll need to measure the length and width of your patio. these deck and patio installation how-tos, inspiration, and estimation tools will set you up for success on your paver or

product > materials needed to build a 16x16 deck floor what materials do i need to build a 16x16 deck 2 feet off . > materials needed for 16 x 16 deck kit. how much would it cost to enclose 2nd floor 10x12 deck; how much wood is needed to . how to build a 16x16 deck 24 inches . contact us

estimate and build a deck in 7 easy steps dengarden estimate and build a deck in 7 easy steps. updated on april 5, 2016. randy hirneisen for our design we want to use 4x4 posts cemented every 8 feet and run them up through the deck to be used as the rail posts. supporting the deck may need to different, depending on your situation. maybe using beams under the deck for support and then

deck post size. what size of post to support your deck deck post size is important. so build your deck the right way, from the ground and posts up. that means that once you have the footings in place you need to install posts - which will support the beams - that in turn support the joists that support the decking and eventually you, your family and friends.

how to build a deck how to build a deck building based on the assumption that the posts are spaced by six feet or less and that the beams are spaced by 12 feet or less. 4x4 lumber is best for such cases. beam spacing round down to nearest foot as this will affect the lumber you need to buy. many places require that the railing be between 32 inches and 48

how many posts do i need in the ground for a deck? yahoo anyway, the deck will be 16' 2" x 17'. the 17' is on each side of the pool and will circle out, at the middle of the deck the length of the deck will be 13'. i hope this is making since my question is, how many posts do i need in the ground for this deck to be sturdy.

questions about deck footings and pier sizes for an comments for how to size footings. average rating . click here to add your own comments. jul 14, 2011 or if your deck is not more than 6' high you could build it as a free standing or floating deck and avoid the need for subterrain footings. i am planning to add a 16x16 four season porch attached to my existing house.

how to build a floating deck: 3 steps - a "floating deck" is not attached to the house and you can move it anywhere on your yard. however you could build a "free standing deck" next to your house but it will be a permanent structure supported by many 4x4 studs. with a "free standing deck" you do not need to cut into the siding. that seems to be your concern, right?

ceramic tile calculator - determine how many tiles you need the pieces measure 5.9 in by 11.81 square footage is 256 square feet how many tiles will i need michael martinez , may 6 : i have 6 inch x24 inch tile and a 575 square foot how many tiles would i need

installing deck beams diy deck plans installing 2x8 deck beams. lift up the 2x8 beam to the bottom side of leveled joist and fasten into 4x4 support post using 2 rows of four 3ΒΌ galvanized nails. be sure all posts of the beam are level before fastening it to the posts completely. for high decks,

building a deck, 12x16, how often put 4x4 footer i am building a 12x16' deck, only about a foot off the ground and does not have to support anything but body weight. how many feet apart should i put the footers? thanks. hate to give you this answer, but check with your village or city. where i am, they need to approve even something like what your doing, or i would have to rip it up.

6x6 vs 4x4 posts - decks and fencing - contractor talk we only use 4x4's when the deck is near grade. any post more than 8 feet long we use 4x6 or 6x6. 4x4's are subject to some serious bending as they dry. on my own deck, i had to replace a 6x6 after a year, when it bowed almost 1 1/2 inches if you need to know what is in a box, you could ask someone not reliable , you could pray, not useful

sizing posts professional deck builder foundation many contractors and deck-construction guides, such as the popular dca 6-09 from the american wood council, have simply defaulted to using 6x6 posts in all applications, but many other builders and how-to guides rarely use anything other than a 4x4.

how many footings do you need for your deck? how many footing do you need for your deck? the answer depends on the size and shape of your deck, the size of your footings, and the size of your beams. the larger the beam and footing size, the fewer footings that are required.

deck layout and footing position spacing diy deck plans deck layout and footing position spacing. before you dig your first footing, you will need to layout your deck in the correct position and dimensions to ensure that each footing is located in the right position. this is done by transferring the shape and dimensions of your scale deck plan to the construction area in full size.

deck calculator, calculating material for decking from nova deck calculator to calculate bf, sf, and lf amount of 1x4, 5/4x4, 2x4, 1x6, 5/4x6 or 2x6 decking material needed to cover deck area. decking. seven trust Seven Trust decking. Seven Trust decking. nova ipe decking. nova batu decking. nova decking. nova angelim decking. nova massaranduba decking.

how many deck posts should a 8'x12' deck have? home a simple calculation. an 8-by-12-foot deck will need a post at each of the four corners, and it should have at least one line post between each pair of corner posts.

deck footing help - professional deck builder forums i am replacing my 4 4x4 post with 4 6x6 post because my 16x16 deck sways a lot when there are people walking around on it. the deck is 16'x16' square and the current deck post are 10' in height. attached in the first posting are pictures for review.