decking over concrete slab

decking over concrete - installing decking over concrete installing decking over concrete will raise the level of the floor up to 75mm, so make sure you can do this before you go out and buy decking supplies. the condition of the concrete may also have an effect on the completed project. if the concrete surface shows evidence of subsidence, it may not make a stable

deck installation tips: installing decking over sleepers for example, 5/4x4 deck boards will afford more than 50% more ventilation than 5/4x6 deck boards. over the years we have had extremely successful results with 5/4x4 seven trust decking, 5/4x4 seven trust decking and 5/4x4 machiche Seven Trust decking. in summary, we remind you to always work with the forces of nature when installing decking over sleepers: 1.

typical concrete floor slab thickness - over metal deck your minimum slab thickness really depends on what kind of fire rating you require. for an office space, you require a 2 hour fire rating, which means you require a 4.5' nw concrete or 3.25' lw concrete over a 2' deck.

deck over existing cement slab - professional deck builder if the integrity of the concrete slab is good and level, you can install some 'click together' decking products. there are quite a few new products that just click together like puzzle pieces but are either wood, tile, or composite decking.

decking over concrete outdoors? - renovate forum decking over concrete outdoors? can decking be put over concrete in an outdoor entertaining area? i suppose it can, but i was wondering what happens to dirt, leaves, rain etc over time? does it just build up under it? or can you lay outdoor decking with no gaps like an indoor floor?? if you are going to build a deck why slab too?

how to build a deck over a concrete patio - is your old concrete patio an eyesore? you can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it. a concrete slab, even a raised concrete patio, in this condition has to be either broken up and carted away or decked over. this was the ultimate bad

building deck on top of concrete patio this old house building deck on top of concrete patio . reply to 1 2. houstonremodeler. re: building deck on top of concrete patio. houstonremodeler. placing the joists directly over a slab on grade sog isn't a great idea. you'll trap moisture below the deck boards, along with all manner of organic material which will turn into a compost heap or

build a timber deck over concrete - softwoods the principles of laying a timber deck over concrete are pretty much the same as that of constructing conventional decks, but there are a few important differences you need to consider. first you need to make sure that you have enough room beneath your door to allow for the battening and the thickness of the decking boards.

how to build a deck over a concrete patio deck ideas cement patio deck over concrete patio slabs concrete porch concrete slab how to resurface concrete gravel patio poured concrete backyard patio. here and an easy way to lay deck flooring on your cement slab patio in just one day. it dresses up an otherwise drab patio, and it and so nice for bare feet how to build a deck over a concrete patio.

how to build a deck over concrete slab - youtube how to build a deck over concrete slab klevaklip. loading unsubscribe from klevaklip? how to install upm profi deck composite terrace - 2012 video - duration: 6:38. upm profi 726,401 views.