bath wall panels turning yellow

what is the strange discoloration on my walls? - house in several rooms in my house, there is an odd, faint yellowing in the corners of my walls near the ceilings. the walls and ceiling are painted white, and you can definitely see the yellow coming through. it's a relatively new house built 2003 made of concrete block, with popcorn ceilings and orange-peel walls.

how to whiten a yellowed plastic tub surround livingston how to whiten a yellowed plastic tub surround the writer's comment 'using a squeegee to wipe the walls and glass shower door down after each use' is something i do and it does 'keep the shower looking cleaner longer'. but they can become dingy or turn yellow over time, especially if they are white. a clean bathtub is important for

de-yellowing plastic - the stain isn't permanent after all a white plastic chassis may turn such a dark brown in hot spots that you may be certain it must be burning, and may even discard it. the staining can often spell the difference between a treasured collector's item or conversation piece and worthless junk.

how to remove yellowing from plastic bathtubs hunker get rid of nasty yellow stains in your plastic bathtub using hydrogen peroxide. use hydrogen peroxide to keep your plastic or fiberglass bathtub shining bright. step 1

how to fix yellowing tile ehow spilled coffee, tea or dye can produce yellow stains on kitchen or bathroom tiles. another cause of yellow tiles is using cleaning products with wax, which can build up on tiles and tint the tiles yellow. no matter the cause of the yellowing tiles, you can make them white again with a few common household products. things you'll need

how to whiten plastic or fiberglass tubs and showers hunker because it contains acetic acid, which dissolves the salts in hard water, vinegar is an effective treatment for mineral deposits that can yellow a fiberglass or acrylic bathroom fixture. it works best if allowed to stay on the deposits for minutes or even hours, but if you spray or wipe it on a vertical surface, it quickly runs off or evaporates.

miracle plastic whitening formula .i kid you not--long the housings are made predominantly from white plastic and they can get very yellow if left in the sun. for me, yellowing equals a loss of profit because it is an aesthetic thing. they're butt ugly when they are severely yellowed.

a photographic guide to diagnose the causes of indoor a photographic guide to help diagnose the causes of indoor stains on carpet, cabinet doors, hvac registers. often dark indoor ceiling, wall, carpet or floor stains are mistaken for toxic indoor mold when they come from other causes instead. when investigating a building for a mold problem, you can save mold test costs by learning how to recognize

how to keep white cabinets from yellowing home guides be a fan of your fan. as soon as you begin boiling, broiling, deep-frying or baking, turn on the exhaust fan or range hood to filter out at least some of those minuscule bits before they build up on and yellow the surrounding surfaces. if your bathroom cabinets are yellowing, turn on the fan before running a bath or turning on the shower,

making yellowed plastic white again thriftyfun best answer. if the plastic is yellow from age, sun or heat exposure , and has become brittle or crumbly, there's not much you can do without chemically melting and reforming the plastic. you don't want to do this. ever. like the previous poster said, you can paint it, but make sure you use a plastic-bonding paint like krylon fusion

19.7 in. x 1 in. x 19.7 in. white pvc fiber 3d wall panels luxorware 3d wall tiles/panel will turn your living spaces into a completely different atmosphere, creating a modern ambiance and rendering the most unique and elegant appearance. made out of ce certified, fire resistant and waterproof pvc, our 3d panels are much more durable than the fiber type panels.

how to refinish your bathtub for $50 - domestiphobia how to refinish your bathtub to take it from yellow and dingy to crisp white and brand new for $50 requires a little elbow grease and a special product. how to refinish your nasty yellow fiberglass tub for $50. the walls and ceiling are also painted in the after picture so that makes a bit of difference as well, and in the

help -- white grout turning yellow - houzz help -- white grout turning yellow. we installed the tile over the summer. ive noticed most people on other forums are claiming this is happening in their bathroom. mine is in the kitchen on a north wall. we had a first cold night of the year last night and dropped to around 13 degrees over night.

turn yellow plastic back to white for $2.00 with salon turn yellow plastic back to white for $2.00 with salon care and sunlight this video demonstrates how to apply and the results on a bathroom exhaust fan cover that has yellowed and turned back

cleaning yellow bleach stains in a plastic bathtub sometimes using bleach on plastic can result in yellow stains. if this has happened to your bathtub it can be difficult if not impossible to remove the stains. this is a page about removing yellow bleach stains in a plastic bathtub.

why is my bathroom ceiling turning yellow? yahoo answers your ceiling, and probably your walls too, are turning yellow from people smoking in your house. it's more noticeable in your bathroom because the moisture condensate is attracting the tar from the smoke and concentrating it. the moisture from the shower is pulling the oils out of the paint. is the humidity in the room.

4 ways to whiten and renew yellowed plastic how to clean steps to whiten the plastic: start by moistening the plastic pieces. place some comet cleaner on the scrubbing sponge and start scrubbing. this requires plenty of elbow grease and time, but will take the yellow out with some scrubbing. when the yellow is removed, wash the piece in water and dish detergent.

best 25 yellow bathrooms ideas on pinterest diy yellow bathroom paint colors yellow bathroom decor yellow bathrooms bathroom wall decor bathroom spa bathroom modern bathroom ideas laundry in bathroom bathroom renos if you're looking to refresh your bathroom with a brand-new paint job, the large variety of shade alternatives can be overwhelming.

how to make your old fiberglass bathtub or shower look new is your fiberglass shower or bathtub old and dingy looking? here is how to easily make a tub and shower look new again your fiberglass bathtub or shower will scratch over time. the small crevices will allow dirt and grime to build up over time.

yellow mold in the home risks, removal yellow mold in the home. household mold typically grows in damp areas of the home, such as bathrooms and basements. it can also be found under leaky sinks, around leaky window frames, and in attics or on ceilings when roofs leak. mold can be found in many colors, including black, white, brown, green, and yellow.

my bathroom walls have turned yellow help expandas downunder the back wall and hand basin in our ensuite turned yellow our van is a late 2010 model so just over 2yr old, i mentioned to my dealer who asked for photos, which i supplied, approx 6 wks later he called back, all good bring your van in for it to be replaced under warranty, that was last year.

the caulking around my bath tub is turning yellow hometalk the caulking around my bath tub is turning yellow just make sure it doesnt clean up with water as nice as it is to be able to clean everything easily with water, that silicone just dont hold up anywhere near as good as the old style silicone that you have to clean up with lacquer thinner.

light yellow-g acrylic shower panels splash acrylic colour ultra sheen antibacterial acrylic , ultra gloss hard coated acrylic and ultra gloss acrylic shower panels are the exciting, easy to fit, easy to clean alternative to tiles and other panel types. you can order any acrylic shower panels cut to size up to 3000mm x 1500mm.

odd bathroom condensation/ectoplasm stains. - cleaning odd bathroom condensation/ectoplasm stains. november 7, 2006 12:48 pm subscribe in colder weather, while taking a shower, water eventually condenses on our bathroom walls even with the exhaust fan on .

making yellowed plastic white again thriftyfun still yellow? use some krylon paint for plastic and spray paint them white again. when my father in law passed away, a distant family member, who is a firefighter, visited mom's house and said that when the smoke alarms turn yellow, they need to be replaced because they weren't reliable any more.

how to clean and whiten yellowed plastics retrofixes the plastic box of my t top is turning yellow. i believe the heat that is generated by the black sumbrella boat cover is turning the white plastic yellow. is there a way i can treat it with the hydrogen peroxide 12%.