how to solve decking issues

7 common decking problems and solutions “decking boards that have been in the sun and rain can’t help being affected, and some of them inevitably warp. this becomes a problem when a board pulls out the fasteners holding it to the joists. replacing the fasteners isn’t difficult – you simply pull out the old ones and drive new ones – but strhtening the boards can be difficult.

how to fix a heaving deck - mbm construction how to fix a heaving deck. a reader wrote in with questions about why her deck is heaving up and down though seasonal changes. dear mike, two years ago, my husband and his good friend built a above ground deck for our home.

how to fix water pooling in yard and other drainage issues though front yard issues aren’t as prevalent, one problem specific to the front relates to having a sidewalk. if you’ve got one, it’s possible that it could be acting as a dam and preventing water from draining out of your yard. you can solve this issue by: removing or cutting away part of the sidewalk to let water through.

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5 common deck problems and solutions angie's list fortunately, many common deck problems have simple solutions that can keep your deck looking great so you can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. deck water damage many homeowners have their newly installed deck sealed once and then neglect to ever do it again, leaving the wood exposed to the elements, eventually causing the wood to show

10 common deck defects and how to solve them - blog realty however, if you notice any serious structural problems, cordon off the deck and call a licensed engineer to evaluate the situation and offer a solution. 1. loose ledger. lag screw and carriage bolt. when a deck is attached directly to the house, it’s supported by a long, horizontal, pressure-treated board called a ledger.

problem-solving deck framing details jlc online on decks that will have 5/4x6 or larger pt (or cedar) decking, small variations in the dimensions of the deck joists aren’t a big deal. but with composite or pvc decking, those variations will result in a wavy deck surface, because the decking is flexible enough to conform to the uneven plane created by irregular joists.

what can i put under a deck so water is not standing in spots a deck allows you to relax and entertain outside, but without proper drainage, it's possible for water to pool underneath. this can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, mold and bacteria. if you have water standing under your deck after the rain, choose a drainage system that works for you.