taller fence for miter saw

how to make the most effective miter saw fence the last thing you want is your miter saw blade smashing into a nail; drill some pilot holes and use some 1-inch screws then clamp the pieces together until dry; you can make sure your secondary fence stays in place by using some ½-inch dowels. this also makes it easy for you to take the fence off when you don’t need to use it

miter saw fence risers - shopnotes magazine the miter saw fence system shown in shopnotes no. 98 is a great way to add accuracy and extend the capabilities of your miter saw. it was designed for a worksurface with the miter saw mounted to an adjacent recessed shelf. however, you can still take advantage of the fence system even if you don’t have this same setup.

build an auxiliary fence for a mitre saw (mitre saw station make an auxiliary fence for your mitresaw to reduce tearout, gain material support, and generally be more awesome and improve your woodworking. you can find the plans for the mitre saw station at

workshop wednesday - miter saw fence and kreg trak - the if i position my miter saw in the center of the stand, i have about 25″ on either side. perfect! attach your miter saw to the bench with large screws or carriage bolts. my ryobi 12″ miter saw is 3 1/2″ tall, so the extended fence needed to be 5 3/4″. your miter saw might be different, so measure accordingly!

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making a tall auxiliary fence - youtube in this seventh part of the "table saw jigs & fixtures" series, popular woodworking editor matthew teague builds a tall fence for a table saw. the increased height will allow you to cut taller

miter saw fence systems & extensions. best fence kits and diy the miter saw fence is a sturdy flat piece of material that is mounted on the saw table perpendicular to the blade. that means when the miter scale is set to 0, the miter saw makes a 90° crosscut on any workpiece that is held against the fence.

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