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easy guide to get your california contractors license the basics about your california contractors license. before we delve into the nitty-gritty details of licensing, lets look at who needs to get a california contractors license. if you are performing construction work for which the labor and materials cost more than $500, you are required to obtain a license.

how criminal convictions affect "contractors licenses" in we also help california professionals including contractors resolve license discipline issues. we work throughout california and handle all kinds of felony and misdemeanor cases, including fraud, dui and murder. in this article, our lawyers discuss the impact of criminal convictions on contractors' licenses. we cover: 1.

academy of contractor licensing of california -exam prep top contractors license school student mentors. all students get a mentor that will track all testing and online activity to make sure you are ready for your state exam.

how to get a california contractor's license in california, as with many other states, large home construction, repair, and remodeling projects must be completed by a licensed contractor.california contractor licensure is regulated by the contractors state license board cslb , a state government entity that also protects consumers and regulates contractor activity. in addition to administering license exams, the cslb investigates

get your california contractors license today industry schools provides contractors home study licensing kits for all 42 california trade classifications. our kits include everything you need to get your license; course dvds, study manuals, current practice questions, applications and a licensing checklist.

get tips, study guides for general contractors license in ca get contractor license in california. your friends and family might wish you good luck in getting your contractor license. however, here at, we know that luck has nothing to do with it. to be successful in getting your contractor license in california, you need to be prepared. and, with our california contractors home study

california b general building contractors license exam a california general building contractors license allows a contractor to build a house or a shelter as long as framing or at least two unrelated trades are being performed. for example, general contractor cannot bid and perform on a project that only requires electrical work to be performed, but general contractor may subcontract this work to a licensed electrician.

find my licensed contractor search by location to get a list of licensed contractors in any area of california, simply enter either a city or zip code and pick the license classification you want. youll get a randomly generated list of all eligible contractors in that license classification whose cslb license of record is in the area you entered.

get a california contractors license the right way get a contractors license in california. the california contractor license board protects consumers by licensing and regulating californias construction industry. there are about 300,000 licensed contractors in the state of california, in 43 different licensing classifications, that own the california state contractors license.the cslbs statewide investigative fraud team swift works to

how to get a painting contractor's license in california a painting contractor's license is a legal requirement in all states, without which you will not be able to render your painting services. the careerstint article here will tell you how to get a painting contractor's license in california.

can i get a contractor license with a felony? if you are looking to get a contractor license with a felony, here's what to expect. state-specific rules on contractor licensing with a felony . california. from the licensing faqs, a prison record does not necessarily mean you cannot get a license. however, there are certain felony convictions that may prevent you from getting a license

apply for a contractors license apply for a contractors license - exam required this section will provide information about the original exam application process. it will also help you understand the issuance requirements.

apply for a contractor license if you currently serve, or within the past five years have served, as a qualifying individual for the same classification being applied for on a license in good standing, or within the past five years have passed the law and trade examinations for licensure, as outlined in business and professions code section 7065, no examination will be required.

how long does it take to become a licensed contractor in if youre considering moving forward and becoming a licensed contractor in the state of california, you might be wondering how long the process takes. thats a good question, and the answers depend on a few different things: you have to meet a certain set of requirements to take the california state contractors license exam. you can find specific requirements on our website, but generally

how to get your ca contractors license for 2018 tyrone jones is a licensed california contractor that holds classifications of a license, b license, c-08 license and past owner of several partnered construction companies throughout california.

steps to obtaining a california contractor license the california state license board cslb licenses contractors in the state of california.. you must get licensed if you construct, alter, or offer to construct or alter any of the following: building road highway railroad

california contractors license requirements california contractors license exam information. as per the law, anyone in california who contracts to conduct work on a project that is valued at $500 or more, including labor and material, must hold a current, valid license from the contractors state license board cslb .

ca contractor license, lookup, calif, state, board, how to get contractors brokerage service, inc provides study materials and bonds for my california clients. the will be a referral for out of state contractors to obtain a contractors license. online contractor resources. cslb home improvement cslb name request electrical certification program california licensed contractor newsletter contractors