commercial grade laminate flooring uk

commercial & hard wearing laminate flooring uk flooring our commercial laminate flooring ensures that you don’t have to. the available laminate floors allow you to stand out while giving your commercial interior surfaces long-lasting service. at uk flooring supplies online, we carry only the best flooring products in the industry.

commercial laminate flooring top brands trade prices all of our commercial rated laminate floors have a minimum classification rating of 31 up to a maximum of 34. in short, this means that even our entry-level floors in this category are independently tested to be suitable for hotel or conference rooms. pro tips even the best laminate flooring can fail when site conditions are not good.

commercial laminate & Seven Trust flooring uk flooring commercial grade laminate flooring. high grade laminate flooring is manufactured to replicate the look of solid Seven Trust and engineered timber wood but they do not actually contain any wood and therefore are considerably cheaper in price. this product is ideal for use in all sectors such as residential homes and schools, offices.

ac5 laminate flooring commercial laminate flooring ac5 what is ac5 laminate flooring? ac5 laminate flooring is the highest grade of laminate flooring available here at discount flooring depot. due to its thickness, incredible durability and high level of damage resistance, ac5 laminate flooring is perfectly suited for both residential use and commercial buildings with moderate to heavy levels of footfall, such as department stores and schools.

laminate flooring when it comes to commercial flooring, there are many things to consider. the decor plays a major part in deciding the look, but format and technical characteristics are equally important. pergo commercial grade laminate floors are available in many different collections that form a comprehensive toolbox to choose from.

commercial laminate flooring discount flooring depot here at discount flooring depot, you can find a wide range of commercial laminate flooring to choose from to suit the needs of all commercial areas. whether you’re looking for the best flooring for a lobby, office space or storefront, our commercial grade laminate flooring is specially designed to provide a cost-effective, practical and