synthetic teak yacht deck uk

check out 400 years of shipbuilding history at the chatham the outside was two layers of teak. there are only three surviving ships that have this composite construction. one is in australia, the other is up the thames. you can read about that one in our

world's most loved shipwreck: titanic at 100 photos largest, most luxurious, and unsinkable. the largest and most luxurious passenger ship of its time, the r.m.s. titanic seems to forever hold a place as the most famous shipwreck of popular culture.

britain's oldest ship still afloat: a tour of the hms down one more deck is the ship's hold. in the upper left you can see a carpenter on the carpenter's walk, a narrow space that offered access to plug potential leaks or holes in the hull.

at long last, the plastiki sets sail photos the plastiki's decks, skeletal hull, and cabin are made from composite polyethylene terephthalate pet plastic panels. each has layers of self-reinforcing pet skins. the boat is a catamaran, and

seven decades of lockheed skunk works aircraft pictures the advanced composite cargo aircraft, a modified dornier 328j aircraft, is a proof-of-concept technology demonstrator with an emphasis, as the name suggests, on the use of advanced composite

plastics, sea life, and art wash ashore photos henry the fish. sausalito, calif.--the vision of the marine mammal center here is to expand public knowledge of marine mammals, their health, and that of their ocean environment.

these flying machines are the most remarkable in us icon a5. another nominee for the 2015 award was the icon a5, a distinctive light sport plane intended for the masses, in that it doesn't require a full pilot's license or extensive training.

seven decades of lockheed skunk works aircraft pictures the legendary skunk works got its start on an early jet fighter design 70 years ago this month. since then, it's brought you the u-2, the sr-71, and the f-117, and it's still going strong.