wooden fence touching ground

got rot? on your wood fence that is for wood fences these are the posts that will hold your fence panels upright. if these are not properly installed then time, and the elements, will take them and the fence down with it. here is where the less than honest fence builder will start to cut corners. first off the fence post needs to be sufficiently buried in the ground.

cedar vs pressure treated pine fence western red cedar: this species of lumber is best for any type of board or picket fence as long as the bottom of the fence is not continually touching the ground. cedar is a very stable wood. it does not warp, shrink, or check, split , as pressure treated pine will likely do eventually. pressure treated pt pine boards can warp and shrink

different ways of anchoring the fence posts how to anchor fence posts securely, different ways of securing fence posts depending on the type of fence you are erecting, including using metal spikes, using bolt down fence bases, bedding in concrete, securing a wooden end post to a wall

ground clearance wood fence does it matter if a cedar fence is touching the ground? - hoover fence. and if so how far off ground should it be installed. thank you in advance. applicable products: wood fence. reply: yes, it does matter if a cedar fence is touching the ground. it will rot prematurely if it is installed this way. a 2" ground clearance is it acceptable to

building and installing a wood picket fence askthebuilder.com: to build a wood picket fence, you should first plan for post placement and gates. check the zoning laws to see if they permit picket fences. pre-cut and pre-treat your wood pickets before installing. it will save you time during the installation and will keep your wood picket fence looking newer for longer.

should wood fence panels touch the ground? promatcher answer: never explanation: the bottoms rot out and then the boards are no good so if you want to have something on the ground put a rot board on the bottom and then the boards on set on top of the rot board so the rot board will rot out and all you have to do is replace the one rot board in stead of all the fence boards

18 in. wood picket garden fence greenes - 18 in. wood picket garden fence - adds a decorative touch to lawn and garden areas. decorates and protects flower beds, walkways and lawns. installs easily by pushing into the ground. made in the usa. - thd sku

the fence doctor answers your questions should my fence be touching the ground? ideally no, but then all sorts of things would be coming and going from your yard. leaving a gap at the bottom keeps your fence from trapping soil and water and thus from rotting the fence bottom.

building a fence question distance between pickets is a personal choice, minimum of 1/8 would a good rule of thumb. this is just for airflow/drainage and to keep debris from getting stuck between the boards pine needles etc. as to how far off the ground, an inch should be fine, just so they are not touching soil is what you are looking for. good luck. chris.

how to maintain your wood fence panels city fencing your fence will be subject to all weather conditions and if you have wood touching the ground at any point, that is wood that will stay damp a lot longer and rot a lot faster. concrete isnt affected by damp in the same way, so we generally use the material for posts and base boards.

final help with my electric fence setup: questions i edited orginal post. it can though touch wood post or the tree? i mean corner post bracing with 3 post. 2 post in a line and the other to the left or right of the first post, sort of like an l shape. i have seen some have that on their fence setup and some not

how to keep a fence close to the ground home guides sf your fence has been in place for months or even years -- but now you're facing the dilemma of having a gap between the bottom and the ground. this can prove to be a problem if you have pets, or if

should i set fence posts in dirt, gravel, crushed rock, or should i set fence posts in dirt, gravel, crushed rock, or concrete? i don't think there is any way to prevent water from touching the wood in this case, it's outside and in the ground, water will happen. do people really have problems with fences disappearing because the fence post sinks into the ground? mac nov 13 '12 at 15:39.

how to protect wooden fence posts from rotting home push soil around the fence post to conceal the gravel; moist soil around the fence post can cause the post to rot, which is why you must treat a portion of the wood that is exposed above ground.

wood fence pros and cons have the fence built so that the wood does not touch the ground, this will reduce the risk of moisture problems such as rotting, warping and splitting; building a wood fence yourself. chad hoover of hoover fence is an authority on wood fencing, both as a diy project and as built by your fence or landscape contractor. "do it yourself wood fences

wood fence: supplies and installations however, a wood fence that is not maintained properly can warp or rot over time. if this happens, the wooden posts may become damaged before the panels do since the posts are touching the ground and the panels are not. at fence factory, one of our helpful professionals can assist you in maintaining your current wooden fence or can guide you

how far off the ground should a picket fence be? hunker when installing a picket fence, it's important to make sure the fence panels are off the ground. wood panels can begin to show signs of rot if they are in direct contact with ground moisture, and even vinyl fencing will be more susceptible to mildew and discoloration. therefore, you should set your fence panels 2 to 5 inches off the ground.

how to protect a wooden post from rotting in the ground: 4 how to protect a wooden post from rotting in the ground. did your fence post rot out? or maybe your mailbox fell over this morning and you don't understand why. well, these tips may help stop this from happening to you again or at least

sections of my wooden privacy fence are rotting away trim all to keep from touching the ground, or you can remove each fence panel or each board depending on the fence construction and reattach higher up off the ground. you could also just dig and remove some of the dirt under the fence where boards are touching.

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fence installation questions home guides sf gate in most cases, no fence materials other than your fence posts should touch the ground. allowing your fence to touch the ground makes yard maintenance more difficult and may increase the speed at

building a perfect wood picket fence by al kupchella i wanted an economical, perfect, white wooden picket fence. i have a privacy fence around the side and back of my yard, and i wanted the picket fence to be of the same style in a scaled-down version. keeping in mind that you will still be adding caps onto the posts, and that your pickets shouldn't touch the ground, decide how long you want