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autoduel decks - yu-gi-oh duel links - duelistgroundz 1 beast rising i find the e-con is a auto duel staple, the ai actually can calculate e-con take plays. besides then stuff like wall of disruption run good, as well as stuff like super rush recklessly, mirror wall, half counter etc because the opponent's never play around it. any monsters with effects to destroy backrow aren't

yugioh duel links : tips and guides - gamewith site devoted to yu-gi-oh duel links game. be first to learn about the latest news, recommended skills, character farming, decks and cards here you will find any information on yu-gi-oh

farming and events duel links meta check out active events and how best to farm them as well as events that have happened in the past auto-duel guide. duel assessment score. stage missions. past events. solemn odion. published on august 9, 2019 by. follow duel links meta. twitch facebook youtube twitter

the most consistent auto farm deck yu gi oh duel links the most consistent auto farm deck posted by darrick smith on apr 22, 2017 12k. auto-duel is a function that unlocks for the player at stage 6 . if you have no time to play or simply lack the motivation, it is the perfect tool to make sure you dont fall behind whilst. not requiring you to pay any attention to the game.

duel links deck archives - ygoprodeck water deck via hangoutwithtim v0.1. set suijin, and wait. alot of this deck is set and wait. it got me to gold 2 during the first season, with little effort. daedalus is a fast win condition, but umi is only provided by makos ability. hane-hane is a serious problem for this deck, so use stray lamb to keep on top of the monster count.

what are your best auto duel decks? : duellinks - reddit what if this card/character were in duel links? submissions will be removed unless they include a substantial reasoning about why they should be in the game within 20 minutes of posting 50-word minimum . what are your best auto duel decks? self.duellinks submitted 2 years ago by yunoox3 cru3l.

yu gi oh duel links tier list - best decks and cards the best decks in yugioh duel links can be tough to create and you may have to farm some legendary duelist to collect the some of the best cards needed. however, once youve completed your deck list below you may also need to understand how to play your deck to its advantages .

yu-gi-oh duel links v3.1.0 mod apk latest ihackedit build your ultimate deck and aim for the top duel links, engage in heated duels anytime and anywhere with players from around the world climb through the rankings and take your place as the duel world king auto-play always the best tactics god-mode this bot/mod will never loose, it always chooses the best tactics

duel links: a primer for starting your journey to duel world duel links is far from solved and deck diversity far outnumbers the tier-one playable decks in paper yu-gi-oh, so ill conclude by examining some of the most popular decks at the recently-concluded yu-gi-oh duel links world championship. red-eyes black dragon. this is arguably the best deck in the format.

become the ultimate duelist in yu-gi-oh duel links become the ultimate duelist in yu-gi-oh duel links. when you start the game, youll be asked to pick one of two characters: yugi moto or seto kaiba. choosing your character grants you access to their starting deck, which includes their signature cards, the dark magician or the blue-eyes white dragon, respectively.

deck best auto duel deck : duellinks - deck deck best auto duel deck self.duellinks submitted 4 hours ago by deepinthedankdreams i don't know if anybody cares about an auto duel deck, but i have watched the ai for awhile now and this is the decklist i have come up with.

auto duel decks and tips yugioh duel links - gamea water beatdown. you can use water monsters to make a beatdown deck by swarming the field and simply relying on their high attack. it's relatively cheap to make since many of them are low rarity or from the card trader. mako's skill - mythic depths is recommended to used in this deck too.

your best general auto duel deck? - yu-gi-oh duel links duel links; your best general auto duel deck? user info: vivalafisica. vivalafisica 2 years ago 1. looking for decks that can be used by any character to win auto duels. the decks should be mission range specific since the standard duelists change with level. anyone who can share a good one for mission 56 would be appreciated.

yu-gi-oh duel links ftp beginner guide - yu-gi-oh duel with mako tsunami, a legendary ocean decks with hammer shark are not only decent pvp decks, but can be used quite successfully with the auto duel ai as well. naturia can most times be ran efficiently by the ai too, as well as using a blue-eyes beatdown deck .

yu-gi-oh duel links auto duel decks stage 57-60 my - balance is fully auto, just press auto duel and you're good to go. - balance deck can also be used with different skills such as lp boost/restart/duel standby etc., but balance has the highest

ritual auto-duel deck max level 33 yugioh duel links ritual auto-duel deck max level 33 if you run into an sd deck that can get over fortress whale you won't win. this deck can also be prone to ding bad hands, but can usually resolve itself quick enough in lower levels. you can alleviate the issue with a d sense or balance skill on some characters or tank it with an lp boost skill.

yu gi oh duel links tier list - best decks and cards in this duel links decks guides well give you tips, top yugioh decks to win in casual, freind and ranked duels. including the best decks and character skills to set to win your ranked duels and achieve the highest scores possible when dueling level 40 legendary duelist.

yu-gi-oh duel links tips, cheats and strategies duel links is much the same. you can hit the create auto deck button if you really want to, but its not recommended. youll do far better figuring things out for yourself.

yu-gi-oh duel links video game - tv tropes yu-gi-oh duel links is a mobile game in the popular yu-gi-oh franchise, specifically the yu-gi-oh manga and anime. set in the world of duel links, the vr world featured in yu-gi-oh the dark side of dimensions, you start as either yami yugi or seto kaiba and try to become king of the duel world

best cheap competitive decks? yu-gi-oh duel links six samurai and phoenix are basically 1 box decks. other than that, burn decks should be more accessible for new players, these are usually very cheap and popular, except the core, is lava golem that you cant obtain atm. still, combo like massivemorph amazon sword woman, mask of the accursed,

beginner's guide yu-gi-oh duel links yu-gi-oh duel links. building a deck. build your very own deck with the deck editor if you aren't sure of what cards to put in your deck, the 'create auto-deck' feature will build a deck for you

auto-duel guide duel links meta auto-dueling is a feature that has been around since shortly after duel links' release. it allows the ai to use your most current deck to duel against standard duelists in the duel worlds. recently the auto-duel function was extended to legendary duelists that appear in the duel world such as roaming event legendary duelists.