what kind of wood used for benches norway

choosing the most durable wood for outdoor furniture today i live in norway so the weather can be very wet and the bench is located in the woods close by my house. therefore i need a type of wood that can be able to cope with the norwegian weather, is easy to work with (as i am a beginner at woodwork) and i also want to spray paint a quote on it.

the best wood for cabinet making hunker species such as maple, beech or hickory resist denting and scratching at a higher degree than softer species such as alder, mahogany or walnut, but they also cost more. maple and hickory for example, are two of the hardest wood species commonly used for cabinets, and are usually more expensive than softer woods such as oak or ash.

norway maple the wood database - lumber identification allergies/toxicity: norway maple, along with other maples in the acer genus have been reported to cause skin irritation, runny nose, and asthma-like respiratory effects. see the articles wood allergies and toxicity and wood dust safety for more information.

rules for workbenches popular woodworking magazine use a stiff, inexpensive and common wood to build your bench. showcase benches made from exotic materials are nice. no argument there. but focus on the functions before the flash. i’d rather have a construction-lumber bench that followed all these rules than a beautiful european beech bench that skipped even one of these concepts.

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the best type of lumber for framing hunker all wood isn't created equal. some wood works best for fires, while others create structures that will stand for generations. finding the best wood for framing a house is a matter of size, form and type. understand the best framing lumber species and not only will your structure be sturdy, but your project trouble-free – at least lumber-wise.