escapists 2 cut the fence without getting shot

tips and tricks the escapists general discussions 08/11/2014 & 0183;& 32;the escapists. all discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos workshop news guides reviews how do you cut a fence without getting shot by the gaurd towers in any of the prisons? wait until nighttime, then cut it. i recommend using cutters to get through it faster. a cutter requires two files and some duct tape.

fence - official the escapists wiki the fence is a tile that is present on all prisons and can be cut with a file or any form of cutters flimsy cutters, lightweight cutters, sturdy cutters .the electric fence, however, features a blue color and is buried partially underground, obstructing is noticeably thicker than the normal fence, and upon attempting to cut through it, it shocks you and inflicts 10 damage, provided

center perks 2.0 problems with perimeter breakout the hello. i m writing this text beacuse i have problem. i m trying to escape from center perks 2.0 perimeter breakout . im cuting fence at 1 am but there is lockdown and sniper shot to me. i tried digging but still get shot. i dont know what happend? also i put in my bed bed dummy and i wear civil cloth. i don know what to do. can u help me?

help cutting through the fence the escapists 2 general 25/08/2017 & 0183;& 32;i'm playing local co-op with my friend . we, re trying to escape from central perks 2.0 through the fence. with guard outfits, with the dummy on the bed, at night after 1am, and all the things that we could try. and in the moment of trying to cut the fence the prison always goes to lockdown. i've seen gameplays that made it seem incredibly more easier. i don't know what we're doing wrong.

question on cutting the fence : theescapists every time i cut the fence i get shot or if i manage to cut a hole in it, a screen comes up right away saying guards found a hole how the hell do i get a hole that i can walk thru. i feel dumb in still stuck on first level of the escapist 1

solved cutting the fence. the escapists solved problems 23/08/2014 & 0183;& 32;and cut the fence. i got in there in the middle of the night. with my file. and it would not cut. then i tried it again during the day. did not work. but only on the gate fences. all other fences where working. steps: the steps required to reliably recreate the issue. e.g. 1. launch the game 2. load up any save file 3. get a staff key and a