how to reinforce floor joists for hot tub

when do bathtubs require reinforcing floor joists? as the subject suggests, i am wondering if my first floor bath remodel requires reinforcing my floor joists. i'll probably end up asking an engineer i'll be consulting anyway, but i would like to have some idea how these calculations work. the details: the bathtub weighs 376 lbs and can hold 47 gallons.

pro deck installation tip: how to make your hot tub and fasten extra joist hangers on the house side of the deck. replace the blocks. the new blocks will need to be a little bit smaller, considering the space between each joist has been shortened by adding the new joists. add extra beams at each corner of the hot tub underneath the deck for added support.

free-standing hot tub deck - re: decking and bracing re: free-standing hot tub deck - re: decking and amp; bracing update to this thread - a 5/4 deck board was run diagonally under the joists in the two 'bays' between the three beams, and then nailed to the bottom of each joist, since the homeowner didn't want the decking to be run diagonally.

how to reinforce a deck to support a hot tub cut two lengths of 4x4 to the approximate length of the hot tub. mount the 4x4s perpendicular to the existing joists beneath the deck. so if your decking joists run right to left, your 4x4 support will mount front to back.

floor framing for bathtubs home guides sf gate the floor framing for bathtubs requires special attention. you must consider all of the weight the floor joists must be able to support. a standard bathtub can hold between 40 and 60 gallons of water.

how to repair a butchered floor joist - fine homebuilding the criticism is often undeserved, but plumbers nonetheless have a reputation for taking a recip saw to studs, joists and rafters when they get in the way of supply and drain lines. learn how to repair a floor joist, if you ever do run into this problem.

building a deck platform to support hot tub. 8000 lb live building a deck platform to support hot tub. 8000lb live load, 49 sq ft hot tub 7x7 , 160 psf live load plus 20 psf dead load. thinking of having 3 beams underneath hot tub, double 2x12 southern pine, spanning 6', supported on each end by footings and 6x6 posts.

hot tub load on existing deck - canadian woodworking and re: hot tub load on existing deck without seeing the exact way it was constructed figuring out how to reinforce if possible is just a guess. i would say the 3000 pounds was closer to the actual number. how was it secured to the house? are there joist hangers.

reinforce floor joists under a jacuzzi? - framing how do i determine for certain whether i need to reinforce the floor framing for this? are there any "rule of thumb" methods when installing a jacuzzi, or is always a matter of checking span tables? also, my copy of the 2006 irc shows span tables for 30 and 40 live loads.

reinforce floor joists under a jacuzzi? - framing re: reinforce floor joists under a jacuzzi? i could sister joists once i open the floor up, but i think i'll be hard pressed to get them doubled for the full span since the basement is finished. drywalled ceiling would sistering the joists in mid-span do anything other than reduce deflection and add dead weight?

joist size for hot tub deck - joist size for hot tub deck. by john stuart calgary, ab i'm struggling to find the appropriate materials for the lower portion of a 2 tier deck that will be supporting a hot tub. the lower deck structure is 10'x10' ledger to beam construction.

how to reinforce my deck for hot tub hot tub framing on a deck as previously mentioned an average 8×8 hot tub weighs around 5000 pounds fully loaded with water and people. there are ways to reinforce your deck without having to demolish it and start from scratch. first, add additional fasteners to. get quotes

support for a heavy tub this old house support for a heavy tub. the joists in houses that age and newer should be plenty strong enough to bear the weight of the tub, even when filled with water. however, it's possible that someone cut through the middle of a joist or two to install heating ducts, or drilled big holes to run drainpipe, or made notches for supply pipes.

wood deck span/support for hot tub load - structural i need to elevate a hot tub 3'6 on a 8'x8' platform. hot tub requires deck load designed at 150psf. one on either side of the 4x4 and through bolted with hdg ½" fasteners with 2" square washers. the floor joists are laid perpendicular to the girder on 16" centers. i have used both nails and brackets to attach the joists. i have also

building your deck for a hot tub hot tub deck design and framing platform. many builders choose to set the hot tub at a lower elevation than the surrounding deck allowing a person to step down into the water with less bending and climbing. always make sure you plan ahead to provide access to the controls. if your deck is being built near the ground you may consider setting

can our deck support the hot tub we ordered? - hottub that is, what is the distance from the nearest 4x4 under the deck on one side of the tub to the nearest 4x4 on the other side, assuming the 4x4s fully support all deck runners/joists. for resources: there are a bunch of software packages that can help you do this.

successful hot tub planning professional deck builder if you're installing a used hot tub, look inside the pump compartment for the specs. otherwise, you can estimate its volume in cubic feet by multiplying the tub's length by its width and depth. then, multiply the volume by 62 pounds per cubic foot to find the weight of the water that the tub can hold. engineering.

how to reinforce a deck for a hot tub - family health then you need to place new joists against the existing ones for extra support. using a clamp, you can hold the joists before you fasten them together. plus, you may also add joists to equally distribute the load of your new hot tub on the deck. at this point, you fasten the joists together with the help of deck screws.

how to make structural repairs by sistering floor joists then set new joists same height as existing ones alongside the old. tack a beam under the sagging joists. nailing two 2x4s together will work to span about three joists, unless the sag is under a weight-bearing wall. set a hydraulic jack and post under the beam, and jack up the joists about 1/8 in. a day until they're level.

decks and hot tubs: what you need to know before you build decks and hot tubs: what you need to know before you build. add up the tubs dry weight plus the water capacity 1 gallon of h 2 o equals roughly 8.3 lbs. plus the number of recommended occupants multiplied by an average weight per person. heres an example from a 56-sq ft. hot tub with a dry weight of 855 lbs.

joist size for hot tub deck - so you want to know for sure the minimum size of joists and beams for a deck designed to hold 100 psf. well i am glad you found the deck footing load calculator helpful. that is your first step. next you could try the joist and beam calculators to give you another good starting point.

strengthening a deck for a hot tub - strengthening a deck for a hot tub. by bob i have an 12x24ft deck,5/4 decking with 2x8 floor joists 16oc. i'm going to put a hot tub on the deck, on one end. i used your deck load calculator excellent tool by the way to add more support piers. i also want want to add more floor joists in the hot tub area.

does a floor need extra support when installing a cast upgrading the surface of a subfloor is not the only possible solution for reinforcing a floor to support a cast iron tub. a subfloor may also be reinforced from beneath the floorboards. add extra support to a floor beneath the floorboards by adding additional joists to the floor.

how to fix your bouncy floors this old house the best way to limit annoying flex in a floor is to make sure that joists are sized correctly before a house or addition is built. building codes specify the minimum joist depth and spacing typically 12 or 16 inches on center for spans up to 20 feet, but those requirements are intended to prevent plaster ceilings from cracking, not to

hidden problems of a bathroom remodel - extreme how to head off a floor joist for a drain. use 16d common nails and make sure the tops of the joists are flush. add the second header and direct nail this header through the trimmer joists. nail the double headers to each other with three 16d common nails every foot. secure the joist hangers to the trimmer joists with nails.

reinforcing a deck for a hot tub - forum - bob vila does anyone know of any good resources that deal with reinforcing a deck for a hot tub about 2700 lbs when full ? specifically, can support beams simply rest on concrete block, or does one need

how to repair or replace a damaged section of sub-floor a common problem with replacing sub-floor is how to provide adequate support of the newly formed and installed flooring edges. how to repair or replace a damaged section of sub-floor

how do i reinforce my floor for a jacuzzi tub, my house is how do i reinforce my floor for a jacuzzi tub, my house is around 100 years old.? the previous owner installed a jacuzzi tub in a second floor bathroom they created out of a bedroom. this past weekend we ripped out ceiling below the bathroom to find out the floor was never reinforced to support the weight of the tub.

what is the safe spacing of 2x6 deck joists to support a according to the american wood council the maximum span for 2×6 floor joists on 24 centers is 77. and that is without a hot tub sitting on them. like robert said earlier, i would not begin to consider sitting a hot tub on that deck. the fact that the deck has not collapsed under the weight of the hot tub is amazing.

how to build a shower: framing and plumbing - cabin diy once satisfied with the drain base fit, fasten the plywood to the floor joists and blocking using exterior grade drywall screws. space the screws every 6 inches at the parameter and every 8 inches in the field. it helps to mark the position of the floor joists and joist blocking prior to fastening.

reinforcing floor joists - a concord carpenter doubling of joists is recommended under walls, heavy objects like tubs and at large openings. doubling of joists can solve alot of problems like sagging, uneven or undersized floor joists. sometimes on a remodel you cant install a full length floor joist because of plumbing, existing walls or finished floors or ceilings.

framing - soaking tub on the second floor: safe? - home it's a two person tub with an "average fill" of 75 gallons, though by my calculations it could hold almost twice that. it will be half-sunk into the floor, with three 9 ft long 2x10 joists supporting it underneath and two 9 ft 2x10 joists under the floor holding up the frame.

how to reinforce a deck for a spa / hot tub - step 1. the first step is to talk to an engineer. after adding a spa, plus water, plus people in the hot tub you can add around 6000 lbs to your deck. my spa started off at 600 lbs. the spa filled has 320 gallons or 2672 lbs. 8.35 lbs / gallon . if 7 people sit in my hot tub that is an additional 1050 lbs. average 150 lbs .