decidueye in expanded deck

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expanded - decidueye/toad poké forums when creating a thread in the deck garage, make sure that you post one deck per thread, you use the correct prefix, you have the set name/card number next to each card, you give a strategy for non-metagame decks, and give translations for all cards not available in english.

decidueye gx expanded deck help (advice needed) : pkmntcg in the expanded format, there's already a rule that says you can't include professor sycamore and professor juniper in the same deck—players must choose one or the other. the same rule applies to professor's research, meaning it cannot be in the same deck as professor sycamore or professor juniper.

decidueye gx decks broken? - deck construction - pokémon tcg another effective "counter" to decidueye, in any deck, is hex maniac -- if you run at least 2, with vs seeker as needed, it's very hard for decidueye to slaughter your bench. p.s. running hex maniac also allows you to play your item cards afterward, which makes their vileplume irrelevant for that turn.

ptcgo expanded decidueye gx/ seismitoad ex deck! the new best in today's ptcgo we take a look at one of the most hyped expanded decks to come from sun and moon, seismitoad ex with decidueye gx! we have seen toad bats toad garb in expanded do well but now

expanded decidueye - decidueye is a strong enough card by itself to create a relatively competitive deck, if given enough consistency cards in standard. in expanded, decidueye itself would probably not be enough to win a tournament, but its attacks have such perfect costs, that a majority of the better attackers that benefit from decidueye’s ability to control a game fit with it well.