fixing soft boat deck

boat deck repair - introducing injectadeck! injectadeck aquasport boat soft deck repair part 1 - duration: 4:21. wingtimerv7 30,135 views. 4:21. sail epoxy basics: replacing wet core in a fiberglass boat - duration: 5:53.

tips for repairing a soft spot on your boat a soft spot in your boat can make your life miserable on board. it requires you to fix it as soon as possible so that further damage doesn’t occur. boats are usually affected when you use them actively, suffering numerous stresses on their hull. sagging and hogging are very common conditions of a boat and they can also be cumulative.

foam repair to soft deck-spots so, in case anyone is interested, this is what i did to repair two rather big soft spots on my deck (on each side where one mostly sits). 1. put masking tape on the whole area and mark the area. 2. drill small holes about two to three inches apart in the whole area (just through the top-layer of course).

how to repair a soft boat deck ehow repairing a soft spot in a fiberglass deck is both a monstrous dance with reciprocating saws and grinders that cut into your boat, and a precise ballet of blending chemicals, cutting materials, and applying them to the wound to produce a finished product barely distinguishable from the original.

how to repair soft spots in fiberglass on a boat gone all boats are affected by active use. the momentary longitudinal stresses on any boat hull--known as "hogging," where the center of the hull structure is deflected upward by a wave while the bow and stern sag, and "sagging," where the mid-hull is deflected downward while the ends rise--are cumulative.

repairing a soft sailboat deck - youtube a photo montage of a deck repair i did on my columbia 10.7 sailboat. part 2 - a quick and easy method to remove screws - wooden boat repair on a herreshoff 12 1/2 - duration: 8:36. tips from a

how to repair a soft spot in a boat floor boatlife a soft spot in the boat floor may seem like something innocent, but it requires immediate attention. not only can a soft spot expand and pose a serious injury hazard to anyone on board, but it will be much easier to repair if it’s limited to a confined space.