wood plastic covering underneath cars

what is the large plastic piece under the car called? yahoo ok, please don't judge, but i'm a total girl and know nothing about cars, lol. i have a 2006 mazda 3i, and tonight i heard a scraping sound as i was driving. got out, and noticed that a corner of that large plastic (i think it's plastic?) piece under the front of the car is hanging down.

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engine splash shield, front and undercover, lower engine the engine splash shield is a plastic or metal protective panel installed on the underside of an automotive engine. the upper engine splash shield allows airflow to go to the intake while covering the belt, fans, sensors, and radiator.

bmw 5-series underbody covers splash shields — carid.com center engine splash shield (51-75-7-138-612) by genuine®. the frame is the backbone of your classic car, the starting point to which everything else is attached. if your frame is rusted the structural integrity of your car can be

rust-oleum rubberized undercoating - walmart.com this would not be recommended for under the car, but there is a product for that, try using rust-oleum automotive professional undercoating #591347. it will provide protection from water, salt and other chemicals, and also provides a barrier from rust and won't hurt the wires.

garage flooring options for prefab garages alan’s factory the water, oil, and other fluids that often drip from parked cars can damage the wood over time, so if wood is among your favorite garage floor covering options and you are using your garage primarily for storing vehicles, you may want to add an additional protective coating or park on top of a plastic tarp that covers the floor.

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plastic undercarriage cover: why does my vehicle have one? a plastic undercarriage cover is something you’ll find on almost any modern vehicle. if you’ve ever looked underneath a late-model car or truck, chances are you’ve been surprised by how much plastic has been tucked up there, typically around drivetrain components at the front and middle of the chassis.