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persona 4: golden part #62 - september 1 - september 3: back . part 62: september 1 - september 3: back to school-the path is open-the finalized design for nanako dojima. the key element for this design was a younger sister all the characters would love.

persona 4 faq/walkthrough - neoseeker walkthroughs persona 4 was a game that i've been on the lookout for for awhile now and when i finally heard that it was going to have a us release, i knew i had to pick it up. i thought persona 3 was a pretty .

persona 2: eternal punishment (prima's official strategy . don't confront the joker without the help of persona 2: eternal punishment–prima's official strategy guide! you'll find tips on using the contact system, techniques for using the new rumor system, and more! this guide is a must-have for the true persona fan! inside, you'll find: • in-depth walkthroughs of all levels

when going into a ng+. - persona 4 golden - giant bomb that and a lack of retries on floors of the dungeon - if you wipe, you go back to your last save, no matter how far back that save is (like og persona 4, but now they don't have a save point at the top floor anymore). odd, though, that they didn't make the taken/given ratio great / normal for hard and great / small for very hard.

kanji tatsumi megami tensei wiki fandom kanji tatsumi is a playable character from persona 4. he is a first-year student at yasogami high school in inaba and known to many as a notorious delinquent since middle school. kanji is the tallest member of the investigation team. he has a bleached-blond sweptback crewcut with a widow's peak, gray eyes (blue in the animation), with a scar above his left eye. he wears multiple piercings .

official review: persona 4 golden (computer) . there's almost no consequence to dying, since you can just retry from the start of the floor you're on, which definitely isn't a bad thing. i can't remember how many times persona 3 killed me off and made me lose a huge chunk of progress. persona 4 golden is well-paced, but has a problem with knowing when enough is enough. there are several .

saving during dungeon cls? - persona 4 golden message . on normal you get a floor retry (start back at the entrance to the floor you were on when you died); i believe on easy and below it's battle retry, although i'm not positive about that. user info: souloni

the persona 4 retrospective part 1 - persona 4 (story, main . in part one of our persona 4 retrospective we talk about the 'story', the characters, their personas and shadows. reminisce on a time when persona 4 was at least mostly enjoyable with us for two .

normal or hard difficulty for first playthrough? - persona 4 . p4's only really difficult in 2 sections. the game's start, because you lack resources, a consistent way to restore sp, and lack of offensive/defensive options with a limited sp pool. golden allows you to easily run the first floor of the first dungeon over and over for sp restoration items.

walkthrough - shin megami tensei: persona 4 golden wiki guide . welcome to the persona 4 golden walkthrough!if you're at all familiar with the persona series or even if you've only spent a few minutes with this iteration, you'll know that the game is massive.

persona 5 guide: walkthrough and tips for making the most of . persona 5 tips for making the most of your school year. for those of you who have played a persona game before most of the mechanics will be familiar - there have been a few tweaks, but broadly .

review: persona 4 golden - destructoid persona 4 golden is still the turn-based rpg it was back in 2008, and almost nothing has changed with this port as far as the core gameplay goes. you'll still travel in a party of four, 'cling .

soapbox: the persona series and difficulty: is easier always . this is a concept completely alien to persona 3, persona 4, and persona 4 golden. if you want to swap out teammates in persona 3, you must return to the ground floor of tartarus, which can be a .

persona 4 tips & tricks - altered gamer persona 4, especially on hard mode, is known to have a sudden difficulty curve. when you think you are just overleveled against the enemies on the dungeon, on the next floor, you might realize that you are actually severely underleveled.

persona 5 royal confidant guide: priestess - makoto niijima related: persona 5 royal confidant guide: lovers. rank-up events. as with every confidant, having a persona of a corresponding arcana will increase the number of points you earn with them by one. the point increases with a priestess persona on hand are indicated in brackets next to the regular increases as such:

should i start with this game or with 4? - persona 5 - giant bomb definitely start with 5, but go back to 3 and 4 at some point in the next few years. if you don't start with "the new one", you might be tempted to rush through the older games in the series which does them a disservice. playing persona games back to back is a surefire way to ruin them, as other people have said here.

yukiko's castle - shin megami tensei: persona 4 golden wiki . yukiko's castle is the second dungeon in the tv world, but some may consider it the first true first becomes available on april 17th, and must be cleared by april 29th.

persona 4 golden review: a little help from my friends polygon in persona 4 golden, you're given the option to start over from whatever floor you died on, which makes the occasional fatal mistake significantly less frustrating. it's still possible to lose 15 .

list of persona 4 skills persona 4 wiki fandom below are a list of skills present in persona 4. as a note, the strongest spell cannot be inherited to another persona. contents[show] physical skills single target multiple targets magic skills fire ice electricity wind light darkness almighty recovery skills status skills all stat modifiers last 3 turns. in the original persona 4, re-casting these spells while they are still in effect will .

confidant/makoto niijima megami tensei wiki fandom this article covers information about the priestess confidant, makoto niijima, including events and skills featured in persona 5 and persona 5 royal. the protagonist can start makoto's confidant on june 25th after completing kaneshiro's palace and reaching level three in knowledge (scholarly). she can be found during the day on the third floor of shujin academy in front of the student council .

the persona series, explained polygon persona 4 arena, dubbed persona 4: the ultimate in mayonaka arena in japan, is a fighting game that includes characters from both persona 4 and persona 3, set after the end of their respective games.

pt. 4—a definitive, inarguable ranking of persona 5 characters persona 5 is a huge game, chock-full of characters. the worst of them seem as if they were added in after the rest of the game was completed, the sort of “content for content’s sake” that bloats so many games.

persona 4 - wikipedia persona 4, also known as shin megami tensei: persona 4, is a role-playing video game developed and published by is chronologically the fifth installment in the persona series, itself a part of the larger megami tensei franchise, and was released for the playstation 2 in japan in july 2008, north america in december 2008, and europe in march 2009.

omg this game no quick save? persona 4 golden general . the game lets you retry from the start of the floor you were knocked out in and you'll have your progress up to the point where you started on that floor. so what you can do is head up or down some stairs once you want to save; like if you found a good item or persona in the shuffle.

persona 4 megami tensei wiki fandom persona 4 is the fifth game in the persona series. the game was developed by atlus for the playstation 2, and was ported to the playstation 3's playstation store as a downloadable classic akin to persona 3 fes, but only in north/south america. an enhanced port of persona 4, persona 4 golden, was released for the ps vita/ ps tv& steam. it has many new features over the original persona 4 .

persona 4 golden too hard? - playstation nation - gamespot i believe there's 5 or 6 difficulty levels, but you can't change it after you start the game. when your group is wiped out in a dungeon you can resume from the start of the same floor of that .