materials for covering cracked concrete

how to resurface cracked concrete with brickform overlay how to take an old driveway and resurface it using brickform sm professional grade micro-topping. we transformed an old cracked concrete slab by resurfacing it to look like a new random stone

how to repair concrete - the patching mix is made from vinyl, portland cement and sand. it covers cracks up to 1⁄2 inch wide. dampen the area around the crack, and then trowel on the mix. smooth the surface with either a trowel or a small float.

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concrete resurfacing - how to resurface concrete - the small plastics shrinkage cracks or crazing cracks can be covered by the polymer prime coat and base coat of the resurfacing material. larger cracks must be repaired. see is it worth fixing. in any case, the underlying concrete for a resurfacing project must be sound.

covering choices for concrete porch hunker when adding a porch to your home, concrete provides a low-cost, durable building material. however, it does have an unattractive, drab appearance, and over time it may begin to chip, crack and show other signs of wear and tear. fortunately, you don't have to rip out your porch and build from scratch when you get tired of the look of concrete.

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concrete overlays - decorative floor overlay options - the if your concrete is heaving, has severe cracks, is spalling due to damage from deicing salts and freeze-thaw cycles, or resting on unstable soil, an overlay will not fix your problems. if your concrete is simply discolored or has minor stains and cracks, then an overlay is an ideal way to cover up these surface imperfections and give your