tales of phantasia moria gallery floor 5

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tales of phantasia part #16 - moria yours than mine the mine itself is a bloody huge dungeon, and is far larger than anything else we've been through so far. at a good 10 floors from top to bottom it's going to take a fair bit longer than what we're used to thus far. fortunately, there's a set of stairs in the centre of the first floor that double as a short path through to the 4th or 9th floor.

tales of phantasia (snes) - part 23 - moria gallery [1/4 starting off with moria gallery. destination is the 10th floor. enjoy!!! tales of phantasia cross. moria mine/gallery (future) difficulty: mania - duration: 40:04. shuelx 936 views.

tales of phantasia - game saves game save #3: morlia gallery. slot 1 - in front of ifrite's cave. enter and get his contract! slot 2 - in front of the moria gallery. enter and conquer! don't forget to equip the sorcerer's ring to shoot sparks. slot 3 - moria gallery: floor 4.

the lower levels of moria - tales of phantasia walkthrough moria gallery. go into moria and the guard will let you pass. go up and to the left, then go down the stairs that take you strht down to the ninth floor. from there, go to the northeast room. you can purchase items from the woman across from the stairs leading down. i recommend getting seafood. you can also rest for free in the tent above.

stuck in moria gallery - tales of phantasia message board for for tales of phantasia on the super nintendo, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "stuck in moria gallery". i take the stairs all the way to the 8th floor and

tales of phantasia - lower moria guide - super nintendo - by once you are ready, return to the 9th level, restock your supply of gummies and follow the bridge all the way. -(3.01) floor 11- simply walk across the bridge, down the steps and take the exit to reach the next level. -(3.02) floor 12- this area is also simple and linear. walk across the bridges and go down.

moria gallery - tales of phantasia walkthrough ninth floor. go to the right, over the holes in the ground, then go up. hit the switch and go through the door. go left and pull the lever. now you can go strht up to floor 1. you can leave moria to buy supplies and heal up if you wish. go to the right and up. in the next area, go to the right and follow the path.

tales of phantasia psx english playthrough complete with tales of phantasia 22 moria gallery placing the spirits and maxwell boss guide! by bai gaming. 30:01. tales of phantasia 62 past floor 4 in dhaos castle! by bai gaming.