what deck should you stay on a cruise

which deck is best on cruise ships apr 06, 2015 & 0183;& 32;directly under the pool or buffet area. as expected on most cruises, the pool deck and buffet will be a magnet for passengers. on one hand, the convenience of being near the action may seem like a good idea, but try and tell that to a light sleeper in a cabin below.

upper vs. lower deck: a cabin comparison - cruise critic jan 08, 2020 & 0183;& 32;if you're at all prone to seasickness, you'll want to avoid an upper deck cabin. the higher you are on a cruise ship, the more motion you'll feel.6 cruise ship cabins to avoid & 183; what you need to know

how to choose a cruise ship cabin: what you need to know even if you choose a balconied stateroom, choose the lowest level and the most midship one you can find. the higher decks and cabins at the very front forward or back aft of the ship will rock

1st time cruiser which deck should i stay on via the nov 18, 2009 & 0183;& 32;the deck doesn't matter that much. if you're prone to seasickness, you might want to be on a lower deck and also stay away from the ends of the …

how to choose the best deck on a cruise ship getaway usa in the early days of cruise ship travel, the lower decks were for steerage class and the higher decks were reserved for the upper classes. today that distinction no longer exists. sometimes lower

top 5 worst and top 5 best cabin lo ions - cruise deck plans near a white space on the deck plan. the deck plans usually only show areas of concern to the cruise passengers. what you don't see is housekeeping rooms, crew only elevators, laundry rooms, and more. unless you know what is in the blank white areas on the deck plans it is best to avoid them.

the best lo ion on a cruise ship for seasickness usa today the best lo ion on a cruise ship for seasickness mid-ship and away from the action. ships tend to roll from side to side, so a cabin near the center of the ship is ideal. less movement in lower decks. until you go below the waterline into the crew areas, lower decks are inherently less ocean

is it better to be on the upper or lower deck on a cruise to choose the best deck, assess what you want from your cruise. choose your amenities for many people, the ideal cabin is lo ed close to the place that they spend most of their time.

how to choose the best cabin on a cruise ship the inside cabins on the lowest decks are usually the least expensive cruise ship cabins. although the lower deck cabins will give you a smoother ride in rough seas, they are also the furthest from the common areas such as the pool and lounges.