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house of cards 2013 robin wright does a great job of taking the complete reigns of this horse, the same way that claire underwood takes frank's presidency and robin wright does a great job of taking the complete reigns of this horse, the same way that claire underwood takes frank's presidency and ramps it up to 11.

2015 ford edge titanium cnet on cars, episode 70 brian cooley reports that ford's revised edge hasn't lost its own, how to spot a flooded car and run the other way , electric turbos are coming and the top 5 cars for high resale value.

bioshock infinite review bioshock infinite is a first-person shooter, but you aren't armed just with machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and the like; you also have vigors. vigors, like the original bioshock's plasmids, are

silent hunter iii review the interior of the sub is modeled entirely in 3d and shakes realistically when damage is taken. the game runs at a fixed resolution of 1024x768, but don't let those relatively low numbers fool you.

19 biggest games to play in 2018 details have been scarce, so there's speculation that this release could either be a completely new game or a port of super smash bros. for wii u. more from best of games 2017 go to best of games 2017

officials confirm charles manson alive after los angeles -- for nearly 50 years charles manson has been the living personification of evil, a demonic presence captured in scores of photos, each of them marked by his piercing dark eyes and

8 apps you need to try on the fitbit ionic, versa fitbit os, the operating system you'll find on the fitbit ionic or fitbit versa watches from the wearable company, is capable of running apps. apps are new territory for fitbit, with the

best video games of 2018 a bit further down the page, you'll find this year's best-reviewed games for each console plus sections on pc and handheld games . before that, here's a quick look at how each of the gaming platforms compared during the past year.

insane mods for your tesla while the electroluminescent paint and the rear projector are pretty sweet additions to the tesla, the modifications wouldn't have been complete without using the vehicle's ample storage up front.

dead space review each deck is a self-contained environment in which you run around putting out fires while moving closer to escape, and while your team will remain in frequent contact, you are almost always alone

what to watch on netflix, hulu and amazon prime tv guide tv guide has what's newly available on netflix, hulu and amazon prime each month. also find carefully curated lists from our editors and the new streaming tool to decide what you should watch tonight

fallout 76 is filled with people, but it's a lonely, dead the signal is pretty desperate: the responders are expecting an attack by zombie-like people called the scorched, and they need all hands on deck in order to repel it. spoiler alert: they didn't.

solo: a star wars story: what is the card game sabacc you won't find sabacc games in atlantic city or on the vegas strip, but in places like canto bight and cloud city, sabacc is the discerning gambler's game of choice.