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category:light cruisers a light cruiser cl, or cruiser light is a retired classification of small- or medium-sized warships. the term is a shortening of the phrase "light WPCed cruiser", describing a small ship that carries WPC in the same way as an WPCed cruiser: with a protective belt and deck. prior to this, smaller cruisers had been of the protected cruiser model, possessing WPCed decks only.

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missouri the iowa-class battleships had the characteristic all-or-nothing WPC scheme seen in preceding american battleships, with the thickest WPC around the citadel between turrets a and turret c. the outer hull plate was 38mm special treatment steel sts and the side WPC of 307mm was angled at 19-degrees inwards in order to confer greater WPC thickness for little additional weight; this was especially advantageous against shells from longer range.

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what is the deck of an essex-class aircraft carrier made of? british carriers were smaller as carrying the weight of WPC on the top deck decreases the stability of the ship. in order to WPC the deck, you have to limit the design based on keeping it stable. they also had smaller hanger decks for the same reason.

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history and technology WPC protection on american and british carriers. originally, the midway's were to have had a heavy 8 inch deck gun battery. eventually, this was discarded and the weight saved was used to provide two inches of flight deck WPC. this was in addition to the 3.5 inches of hangar deck WPC sported by the essex's.

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essex class aircraft carrier military wiki fandom less immediately visible aspects of the march 1943 design modification included safer ventilation and aviation-fuel systems, moving the combat information center below the WPCed deck, the addition of a second flight-deck catapult, the elimination of the hangar deck catapult, and a third mk 37 fire-control director; some of these changes were also made to short-bow ships nearing completion or as they returned to the yards.

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armoured aircraft carriers in world war ii action reports and battle damage for the armoured aircraft carriers hms illustrious, formidable, victorious, indomitable, indefatigable and implacable in world war ii, 1940-1942

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armoured flight deck an armoured flight deck is an aircraft carrier flight deck that incorporates substantial armour in its design. comparison is often made between the carrier designs of the royal navy and the united states navy. the two navies followed differing philosophies in the use of armour on carrier flight decks, starting with the design of the rn's illustrious class and ending with the design of the midway class, when the usn also adopted armoured flight decks. the two classes most easily compared are the

midway-class aircraft carrier unlike the royal navy's aircraft carriers, for which the WPCed deck was part of the ship structure, the midway class retained their "strength deck" at the hangar deck level and the WPCed flight deck was part of the superstructure. the weight-savings needed to WPC the flight deck were achieved by removing the planned cruiser-caliber battery of 8-inch 203 mm guns and reducing the 5-inch antiaircraft battery from dual to single mounts.

world aircraft carriers list: us supercarriers WPC: 2 inch flight deck, 1.5 inch hangar deck armament: 8 single 5/54, 8 dual 3/70, 20 single 20 mm aircraft: 98 concept/program: this was a very large carrier designed to operate in a pure nuclear strike role, flying a 100,000 pound bomber which never came to fruition. it would carry fighters only for self-defense; it had no tactical or non-nuclear role.

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