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how to lay a vinyl tile floor - this old house long before the advent of resilient sheet flooring and plastic-laminate planks, there was vinyl tile. originally produced as an alternative to linoleum, vinyl tile grew in popularity because it was colorful, easy to clean and crack resistant. vinyl tiles remain popular today and are commonly installed in baths, foyers, laundry rooms and mudrooms.

how to paint vinyl floor and ceramic tile better homes . paint is much cheaper than the expense of tiling over the existing floor. this treatment is not recommended for ceramic tile shower and tub walls, but it works well for other walls in the bathroom that don't get wet. the key to success is careful preparation and the use of the right primer and paint.

how to install carpet tiles on concrete to customize snap together carpet tile floors to accommodate obstacles, using a power saw to cut the tile is generally recommended. like the foam base carpet tiles, plastic based carpet tiles are also floating floor tiles and should not be glued down. the advantage of these tiles is that fact that they keep the carpet material raised off of the .

materials needed to tile a floor hunker not only do tiles come in various colors and designs, they also have different hardness ratings. ceramic tiles receive a rating based on a hardness scale and divides them into groups. group 0 tiles are not suitable for floor use, while group 1 tiles will withstand light foot traffic. group 5 tiles hold up even in areas of heavy foot traffic.

how to install self-stick vinyl floor tile - flooring . self-stick vinyl floor tiles are a great flooring option because they are durable, affordable, easy to install, and available in a variety of styles and …

tile laying tricks for uneven surfaces home guides sf gate tile laying tricks for uneven surfaces. an uneven floor or wall surface can lead to several problems in a tile job. tiles may crack, pop loose or "lip" -- a condition that occurs when the corners .

fresh-baked plastic tiles for all! hackaday not only does [fokkejongerden]’s tiles give the recycler plenty of artistic freedom for creating their own mosaic floor, the real gem is the adaptable plastic recycling process for home use.

floor tile paint? yes, you can paint floor tiles! here's how . for the floor, the guy at the paint store told me "do not use primer on the floor" he gave me a benjamin moore latex floor paint that has some epoxy in it and said not to prime. i followed his instructions and while the floor looks great, if i actually put anything on it the paint scratches off.

interlocking pvc plastic flooring tiles, coverings, mats & rolls interlocking plastic tiles are popular for areas where other, more traditional, flooring materials are not suitable. soft and rigid plastic floor tiles have their own unique advantages. most tiles are designed to snap together or interlock without the use of adhesive. this is great for a diy flooring project.

laying a new tile floor how-tos diy use a notched trowel to spread the adhesive over the floor (image 2). for mosaics and smaller tiles (less than 8 inches), use a trowel with 1/4-inch notches. larger tiles require a 3/8- to 1/2-inch notch, depending on the size and thickness of the tile.

garage floor tiles, decking tiles and wet area flooring tiles hard plastic modular floors feature plastic bottoms with either a vinyl, carpet or wood top. all of the these floor tiles are a great alternative to the standard floor they mimic. maintaining our hard plastic tiles is very simple - just use a broom and a garden hose or mop.

how to level a floor - the use this guide, how to install a tile floor, for more information. tile leveling systems can help keep your tiles level, aligned, properly spaced and held in place while the tile mortar cures. used correctly, tile leveling systems can make the process of installing tiles go faster and improve your result.

how to store ceramic tiles hunker raise the tile off of the ground so it will not be exposed to dirt or water. if the tile came on a wooden pallet, use the pallet to store the tile. if you do not have a pallet to use, use pieces of scrap wood that are roughly the same dimensions.

garage flooring faq to keep a strht edge, you can even use a ruler to help. pvc garage tiles are also typically cut using a utility knife. if you have hard plastic tiles, a tile cutter or a power saw with a fine-toothed blade will be necessary. if using a power saw or tile cutter, be sure to use water or silicone to keep the plastic tiles from melting.

how to replace vinyl floor tiles - dummies replacing vinyl floor tiles is pretty easy, especially if you saved extra tiles when the floor was installed. if not, scavenge a replacement vinyl tile from somewhere that won’t be noticed, such as inside a closet.

plastic wood pool flooring oman wpc decking plastic flooring - plastic tiles, plastic floor tiles : greatmats . plastic flooring is available in modular . 2 reviews on sale $8.67 per sf ships out 11-14 days wood base with turf top outdoor . for outdoor use around pool . flooring for around a pool