custom built flat decks

2008 audi a8 l w12 review: 2008 audi a8 l w1

sirius satellite radio is also built into the receiver. this a8 l is the long wheelbase version, as denoted by the l in the model name. that means the rear passengers get extra legroom.

china launches first domestically-built aircraft carrier

they are expected to be closer in size to the u.s. navys nuclear-powered 100,000-ton nimitz class ships, with flat flight decks and catapults to allow planes to launch with more bombs and fuel

magic: the gathering

overall, duels of the planeswalkers 2012 is a relatively by-the-numbers enhancement of the previous game. normally these sorts of increments would be frustrating, but considering the tremendous value the game presents to causal magic fans it's easy to overlook another purchase when compared to the alternative.

8 of the world's most luxurious houseboats

the vessel was built in the 1970s by a land developer and vineyard entrepreneur after a visit to india. it has two kitchens, marble floors, a wine cellar, a solarium, a sauna and a hidden elevator.

7 tiny trailers made into homes

their bright interior, full of custom-built bookshelves filled with records and warm, welcoming colors, complements the exterior wooded garden area, where the couple grows some of their own food

23 gadgets your man cave needs right now

beer keg urinal. urinals aren't for everyone. but if you want to deck out your man cave's bathroom, this beer keg-style urinal from hammeredintime is available on etsy for $595.

having roof trouble? help

just create your custom roof, its that easy well . make sure you check no holes/gaps on the room ; the roof don't have 100% correct support so the roof won't appear even u using auto flat roof. anyway, create your own roof, don't be lazy using auto, we can design a cool roof ourself.

2013 mercedes-benz sl550 convertible review

the 2013 mercedes-benz sl550 roadster is an excellent luxury convertible that doesn't rely heavily on tech gimmickry; however, its new comand online system falls short of the bar set by audi and bmw.

10 "mcmoderns" that are taking over from mcmansions

forget the once-popular "mcmansion" that popped up like crazy in suburban neighborhoods during the 1980s and '90s. "mcmoderns" are the new trend that will soon be showing up on your street.

magic duels review: magic duels falls flat for card sharps

each player brings a custom deck with carefully selected spell and resource cards, taking turns to cast tricks and attack each other with creatures until one player dies. magic duels wasn't built

dell xps 15-l502x intel core i7-2630 review: dell xps 15

finally, the built-in intel wireless display is now widi 2.0, incorporating hd streaming up to 1080p. the base model of the new xps 15 is actually even cheaper than last year's, at $799.

the most extreme luxury rides on earth

the unique maybach exelero was built in 2004 at the request of fulda tires, the german division of goodyear, to show off a new, wider tire design. and when i say unique, i mean it -- only one