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decks and pools

if you find yourself in this boat, one of the best ways to deal with a less than attractive pool is by adding a beautiful deck. building a deck around your pool is definitely doable, but it does require a bit of know-how to get it done safely. these tips and guidelines will help you get going with your pool-surrounding deck.

how to build a deck that'll last as long as your house

install batter boards outside the perimeter of each corner of the deck so that the center of the batter boards is eyeball square to the left and right ends of the ledger board. stretch a string line at right angles to the ledger board at each end using the 3-4-5 triangle method 6-8-10 in this instance for more accuracy .

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are you the do-it-for-me kind of homeowner? then check out our tips and checklists for hiring a deck builder. someone who actually reads how-to manuals? then find links, demos and more for how to build a deck yourself step by step. in the meantime, kick things off with our deck building and planning tools. building a deck has never been easier.

building a freestanding deck

building a freestanding deck eliminates this potential problem connection. deck water damage. when building a deck attached to your house a board, called a ledger board, is attached to the the house to hold up one side of the deck. this board needs to be flashed properly to prevent water from entering the house. house structure

how do i frame a deck around a chimney?

first, install the two sections of ledger board that bookend the chimney chase. when you install the joists on the ledger, youll need to double the two joists that frame each side of the chimney chase. then, install the doubled header between the two doubled joists. the header can span a maximum of 6 feet.

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many boards have a slight curve to them so pry the boards in line and parallel by using a chisel into one of the joists and levering the board closer to the other. or use this deck lever tool to strhten it up in a snap. it will save you dulling up your chisel and its designed perfectly to do this job.

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the most accurate way to cut a deck board around a post is to lay it in position against the post and transfer the post location directly onto it. when measuring for the depth of the notch, check both sides of the post.

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building a deck? these are the pro tips you need to know: how to determine deck board spacing, make perfect cuts, nailing tricks and completing deck installation. start on one end of bent boards and strhten them as you nail or screw them to each consecutive joist. position the board so it bends away from installing decking.

deck flooring installation tips for twisted boards

how to install deck boards: tips from the pros: here we explain how to handle crooked or twisted deck boards, thick 2x6 deck boards, tongue-and groove decking and other special problems that you may encounter when installing a deck floor or decking boards. we also discuss how to best notch deck boards around obstructions like trees or access panels.

how to build a deck part 4: laying boards

how to build a deck part 4: laying boards handyman magazine a nail on the joists at either end to make sure the first board is strht. the joist to keep the boards tight. you can cut the

how to build a deck: post holes and deck framing

if you're installing parting boards in the middle of the deck, start marking the joist spacing from the center of the beams working toward the end joists. mark the first joist at 8 inches on-center, then every 16 inches on-center toward the ends. do the same in the other direction.

deck parts: joists, beams, ledger

before diving into building codes, obtaining a building permit, plat maps, easements, and so on, it makes sense to take a minute to define the basic parts of a deck. in so doing, you can brush up on your deck building vocabulary and also get a brief exposure to some of the considerations related to deck framing. ledger board: whenever the deck

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then, make a jig to slide along the inside edge of the top of the pool wall under the rough cut edge of the deck boards. make this jig the length of the amount of deck board overhang you want, then attach a pencil to it and slide it around the pool wall so you will get an exact copy of the arc transcribed onto the top of the boards.

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assuming a 5 1/2-inch deck board, 1 1/2 inches for the deck's edge joist, a 3/4-inch skirtboard, and a 1 1/4-inch overhang, you're left with only 1 1/4 inches between the rim joist and the inside edge of the picture frame board.

deck fascia options and ideas

measure the perimeter of your deck to determine how much extra material you will need for the fascia. cut the boards so they fit snugly around the base of the deck. if you like, leave a small lip underneath the decks surface. some homeowners even finish off the deck edge with bullnose trim.

hometime how to, decks

installing deck boards installing deck boards usually begins at the house wall and goes out toward the end, with the boards always running perpendicular to the joists. measure from the outside edge of one rim joist to the outside edge of the other one to get the length of the first 2 deck boards.

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deck framing building a deck over an air conditioner . things to consider when building a deck near an air conditioning unit. you may want to relocate the ac unit if possible to avoid some problems.

6 tips to minimize deck board cupping and make your deck

while using pilot holes wont affect the cupping of your deck boards, it will prevent them from splitting at the ends. this is important to help the longevity of your deck, and caring for your deck boards. use them where you would put your screws, especially at either end of your boards. a pilot hole is a pre-drilled hole to help guide your screw.

preference in the way your decking boards turn

how do you like to turn your decking boards? i personally like to have all of my deck board start at the house and end on the outside of the deck. i hate butting decking boards together. it is fine that all depends on the size of the deck you are building doesn't it? i would venture to say if it is a big deck the there is no way you can

installing a ledger board around a corner decks.com

installing a ledger board around a corner if your ledger board will continue around the corner of your house, you will also have to remove the house siding corner post in addition to the siding. the intersection of the two ledger boards at the corner should be level and firmly nailed or bolted in an overlapping joint.

how to build a deck around an above ground pool with

lay out the deck around the pool using stakes driven into the ground. pull a string line from the corners to establish the outside perimeter of the deck. for our example, we'll assume a 21-foot pool. mark the location of an interior post about 1' 30 cm from the edge of the pool.