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firms behind refurbishment and cladding on grenfell tower

a manager at the firm that made the cladding used on grenfell tower warned in 2011 that it was 'dangerous' and 'should have been discontinued a decade ago', an inquest has heard.

dumawood waterproof wall cladding wood plank panels

the waterproof properties of the dumawood pvc panels make them completely multifunctional, meaning they can be used anywhere in your home-even your bathroom! this range of pvc cladding also comes with a 10-year manufacturers warranty. dumawood boards are 1200mm long, 167mm wide and 6mm thick.

house wrap types and installation tips

house wrap technically is a type of water-resistive barrier or wrb. the purpose of using house wrap is to prevent the entry of moisture into the wall cavity from outside. while house wrap is water-resistant, it typically is not water impermeable or waterproof, with good reason.

external wall insulation retrofit and timber cladding

external tile cladding timber cladding. timber cladding is one of the most commonly used cladding option, since it offers versatility and nice and elegant texture, apart from its ecological benefits found in the fact that it is completely recyclable. depending on your preferences, you could opt for vertical, diagonal, horizontal boards or shingles.

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an overview of waterproofing solutions - construction specifier

all too often, even well-meaning attempts at treating the symptoms of waterproofing failure serve only to trap or redirect moisture, compounding the problem. while prevention is the obvious first choice for waterproofing success, there are many occasions for error: in design, during construction, and throughout operation.

cladding systems yourhome

breathability: steel cladding is a vapour barrier and its excellent conductivity makes it highly susceptible to dew-point formation and water vapour condensation. it should always be fixed via a breathable cavity (often provided by the profile). waterproofness: among the most waterproof of cladding materials. insulation: zero insulation.

waterproofing to bca – doesn’t apply to me! - building connection

regional variances, quirks and differences in waterproofing application are evidence of isolation and parochial trends – but bca compliance still applies to everyone, writes andrew gollé. regional trends and practices regarding waterproofing application seem to vary throughout australia – even to the point of the and terminology used. ask a tasmanian to ‘bed a bathroom floor

industrial roofing cladding - what is roof cladding

the installation of metal cladding is relatively strhtforward, and involves overlapping large sheets of corrugated metal to form a waterproof seal. this style of cladding is extremely durable and lightweight, and even with minimal maintenance a properly installed system of metal cladding can last nearly 50 years.