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2 aug 20 9 because the sensors on your fitness tracker generate so much data, results can people who wears a fitness band or smartwatch to count your steps, you may because most trackers measure when you& 39;re walking up stairs or an a car or other moving vehicle can throw off the count, as can entering and

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ii. legal. note: if any liquid is found to have entered your device components or an that you enable may involve the lo ion of your device set fitness goals and of your step count records. rotate the bezel to view records by day. floors.

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6 mar 20 8 the gear fit 2 hit the mark on all of those, so where does samsung even though it& 39;s on the large side for my small wrist, i& 39;m happy to make the trade-off in the gear fit 2 pro can measure heart rate, count paces, indi e calorie burn, count floors climbed, and can track specific activities such as running

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7 feb 20 5 if you& 39;re run into any samsung gear fit problems then you might just find if it& 39;s already correct try toggling the automatic date and time setting off or on. there are other gear fit problems, such as an inaccurate step count apple watch series 5, samsung galaxy active 2 on sale in time for father& 39;s day.

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7 jan 20 7 brand new gear fit 2 floor and elevation counter completely off i went for a drink in my flat house 30 steps from my bed maybe , it counted 2 floors. one thing to try is remove the bottom band where the barometer resides, and blow the

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27 dec 20 8 install samsung health on any android device google play store tip 2tweak your step count goal. much like active time above, samsung health& 39;s step count goal is optimized to your fitness profile. because of this, we recommend disabling samsung health& 39;s step counting feature while riding in a

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solved: my charge 2 says i have climbed 3 sets of stairs today when i have not climbed any. for a fitness tracker i would say that this is unacceptable. i can rely on my gear s2 smartwatch to be more accurate than this. when something like this happens as a one off usually the recording is correct , is it possible to

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28 sep 20 7 the only way i can get my new shiney gear fit 2 pro to count my 2 foot staircase as a floor is to climb on a chair at the top of the landing after

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30 apr 20 9 so i have been trying to find out what caused the stair counting to fail on the samsung gear fit pro 2 and what i found out was that the air

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2. fit the strap to your wrist, insert the pin into an adjustment hole, and then secure the samsung gear. 2. tap more options auto switch device, and tap. on/off to enable the feature. press to pause a workout while tracking your floors. record and track the number of floors you walk up. . from the apps screen, tap.

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6 jun 20 9 but like any other smart device, the software on the watch isn& 39;t perfect and sleep tracking issues; galaxy watch not counting floors; timer app is or so minutes later after the sound goes off on the phone, which is unusual.

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7 jan 20 9 the gear fit 2 does a lot of things well. i can play music from it. it has on board gps. but the floor detection mechanism is off? i really don& 39;t want

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a floor climbed is equal to 0 feet 3 meters in elevation gain. consistent movement as you climb. riding in an elevator would not earn you credit. stopping in the

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recently purchased a samsung gear fit 2, and so far i have loved it. dried it off after a run, and shortly afterwards, the floor/stair estimator was completely off. i switched it back on when it cooled, and it counted stairs just like