should i caulk floor on screened in porch

8 screened porch maintenance tips

14/5/2018 & 0183;& 32;since caulk touchup is something it’s good to do around your house periodically as well, you can combine this step for your screened porch with when you do the same for home maintenance. 8. re-screen the porch. a well-constructed screened porch that uses high-quality screens should last you for …

how to fill porch board gaps home guides sf gate

how to fill porch board gaps. don't be tempted to fill the unsightly gaps in your porch floor with caulk or wood filler. the natural movement of the boards could eventually break the material

how to repair old porches - old house journal magazine

the wood should be a high-quality, rot-resistant species such as cedar, cypress, douglas fir, mahogany, or another tropical wood. traditionally, boards are laid running perpendicular to the house. make sure the porch floor has a slight slope to it—between 1⁄8" and & 188;" per linear foot for tongue-and-groove floors.

waterproofing a porch floor waterproofing a wood floor

waterproofing a porch floor involves several measures when you build your porch. wayne s. has a question about a two story porch that leaks from the upper porch floor to the lower. we along with vintage woodworks offer some advice and thoughts.

screening porch ok, but what about floor? - winnipeg free

screening porch ok, but what about floor? thoughts on solving bug problem without creating others. by: ari marantz - ask the inspector posted/updated: 2008-08-10 ignoring the decking completely may be the best approach to stopping pesky 'skeeters' from entering your newly screened porch.

should i caulk a wood base plate to concrete on a …

i screened in my porch that has a concrete base using treated wood. the base is a 2x4 and is directly on the concrete. since we get rain on that side of the house, i would like to keep the 2x4 as dry as possible and not sitting in water. will caulking prevent the water from getting under it and rotting it out, or should i leave it so that the 2x4 can dry out on its own?

choose the right type of paint every time

narrowing down the paint color is difficult enough – selecting the paint finish should be easy, and we’ve compiled the list you need before starting any painting project. even if you decide to hire a professional painter, you’ll want to understand how the paint will function, and …

best caulks and sealants for your home improvement

caulk is more rigid than sealants when dry. sealants hold up better in spaces that are prone to a lot of expansion and contraction. for example, the best caulk for windows is usually a “sealant” instead of a true “caulk.” when choosing caulk vs. sealant for your project, decide based on how much stress there might be on the sealed area.

bugs through the gaps in the screened porch deckboards

15/8/2010 & 0183;& 32;re: bugs through the gaps in the screened porch deckboards? i also run the screen on the joists prior to installing the planks. have not had any complaints. the wall screens should keep out any large debris, anything that can be blown through the wall screen is small enough to fall through the floor screening. nothing a vacuum does not solve.