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available in a host of styles including ceramic, slate, marble, leather, polished concrete or large wooden patterned tiles, you can create the look you want – in less time. particularly suitable for kitchens or bathrooms, or areas that need to withstand high traffic, our tile effect laminate is the perfect choice for impactful flooring.

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our novara grey laminate flooring creates a startling level of realism with embossed texture producing a natural wood effect. highly resistant to scuffs, spills, general the wear and tear and anti-bacterial coating, it's ideal for any room including hallways and kitchens.

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when it first became a popular household floor finish in the 90s, laminate flooring was very much a replacement for wood flooring and took on a wood-effect. nowadays as tastes change the wood-effect laminate is still available but so are styles such as parquet-effect, slate-effect, and stone-effect.

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tile effect laminate flooring is ideal for making a big impression at a low price. instantly get the look of retro victorian tile flooring or ultra-modern concrete, with the convenience and value of laminate flooring. tile effect laminate makes an ideal bathroom flooring, as many styles are waterproof. it's also ideal for kitchens or living areas, and we stock a wide range of popular styles

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additionally, laminate floors are water resistant, making cleaning said spills considerably easier. laminate floors are also noticeably easier to install when compared to other floors as laminates use the click system. this means if you've got your heart set on a stone or tile floor, you can take on a laminate at part of a diy project.