how to install outdoor floor on porch

outdoor flooring over grass or dirt - interlocking tiles

artificial deck turf is another option for outdoor flooring over dirt or grass that can be installed over irregular ground when an under tile is used. turf is made with durable and flexible plastic material, which allows the turf to adjust to uneven surfaces.

how to cover a concrete porch with wood hunker

step 1. start at the front edge of the porch and lay your floorboards out one row at a time. if using treated 5/4 decking, space between the ends and edges of each board, approximately 1/8 inch for swelling, or the width of a treated deck screw.

how to install patio pavers - the seven trust

use a push broom to sweep the sand into the gaps between the stones and run the plate compactor across the patio surface. add another thin layer of sand and use the push broom to spread it across the patio. run the plate compactor over the area one last time.

how to install indoor-outdoor carpet hgtv

steps: 2. outline the edges of the room with double-sided tape, and use the tape to make x marks about 6 by 6 inches about every 2 feet on the floor. leave the backing on the up side of the tape. 3. lay the carpet in place, centering it in the room so that you have some excess on every side.

how to install indoor-outdoor carpet on a wood deck

depending on the width of your patio area, you might also need to cut along the length of the deck so that the carpet will fit to size. put rocks or weights along the length of the deck on the side opposite to the one youll be cutting in order to keep the indoor outdoor carpet in place. step 4 - glue. pull back half the carpet.

types of tiles you can use for outdoor patios

outdoor patio tile. not all tiles are created equal. when installing your flooring, it is vital to use outdoor patio tiles that are manufactured for the express purpose of being installed outside -- something that will hold up against the elements in your region.

interlocking deck tiles deck tiles porch flooring

more advantages of interlocking outdoor tiles. installation can be quick. if you are laying the tiles over concrete or other solid flooring you could easily finish a medium size porch in a day or less. consider using them for patio, deck, basement, balconies, roof tops, walk ways, pools, and hot tubs.

how to install pavers installing a patio - outdoor living

how to install pavers guide. step 1. measure the area for the patio or walkway in the desired location. move out six inches on all sides from the planned area and drive stakes into the ground, running string or masons line between the stakes to outline the excavation area.

porch flooring porch decking materials building a porch

porch flooring installation series - step by step mary and i recommend you see our videos and accompanying information, and tips courtesy of vintage woodworks, detailing how they repaired and installed a new porch floor. they are highly instructive and no matter your porch situation, we are sure you'll glean some great tips.

how to replace a rotten wood porch floor - danny lipford

how to replace a rotten wood porch floor. flooring that hasnt been dried after treatment should be stacked with spacers between the boards, protected from getting wet, and allowed to dry for at least 30 days before painting. after the old flooring has been removed using a crow bar, replace any rotten floor joists with treated lumber before installing the flooring.

can i install tiles on composite or wood decks?

installing tile over a standard deck frame in an exterior environment could result in issues down the road. learn about the considerations for installing deck tiles on your wood or composite deck at

how to install an indoor-outdoor carpet onto a concrete floor

mix some liquid detergent and water in a 5-gallon bucket. dip a mop in the bucket, wring it out and go over the floor to remove residual dust. dip and wring out the mop frequently to ensure the concrete is clean.

instructions for building an outdoor tile patio

instructions for building tile patios. laying tile outdoors to build a new patio may seem like a daunting task. indeed, it's a project that entails many steps, and you'll be challenged to make the right decisions along the way. make the wrong decision e.g., in selecting product x over product y, when shopping at any juncture,

how to install porch flooring how-tos diy

how to install porch flooring step 1. first, check the existing porch alignment to ensure that your porch frame is in square. step 2. install z-bar flashing between porch frame and house image 1 , step 3. if you use tongue and groove porch decking, ensure that all sides are primed step 4.

front porch fix-up this old house

start at the edge of the porch and work toward the house until the board pops loose. if necessary, chisel out the end nearest the house, and pull any nails left in the framing. repeat these steps on the remaining damaged boards. then scrape clean the exposed tongues and grooves of the old boards with a 5in1 tool.

how to add an outdoor electrical box -

add an outdoor electrical outlet to get power to where you need it, especially for holiday lights. do it safely and easily with this simple through-the-wall technique. most homes have only two exterior outletsone in the front and one in the back. that may be ok most of the year, but its a real

how to lay tile over a concrete patio - extreme how to

lay out the project. check the slab to make sure corners are square. if not, d two lines at a 90-degree angle to each other and make all your measurements from them. do a test run by placing tiles to make a section about 3 feet square. space them to allow grout lines of a width you want.

how to install tile on a concrete porch or patio today's

when installing tile outside: choose a tile with a slip resistant surface thats rated for outdoor use. porcelain tile is more durable and absorbs water less than ceramic tile. clean the concrete slab thoroughly before laying tile. apply a waterproofing membrane, such as redgard, to the slab before tiling.

how to install indoor outdoor carpet on a concrete patio

using indoor outdoor carpet to cover an outdoor concrete patio can present you with a number of benefits. the softness and comfort in an outdoor space can make you really feel comfortable. it is versatile, holds up to water and sunlight, and is reasonably priced. if you install the carpet yourself, you can usually save quite a bit of money.