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temporary flooring for renters: 8 ideas to take your place

temporary floors are temporary because of the installation method, not the durability. these floors are still constructed to last, just like the floors that are permanently installed. ultimately, whether or not you decide to use temporary flooring isn’t determined by owning or renting an apartment; temporary flooring can benefit homeowners

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i'm actually using this as a flooring for my rabbits cage. she's a massive bunny and needed a much bigger cage. i had to get a very large pet enclosure as her cage but they don't come with flooring. so i got this hoping it would work or at least as a temporary thing. however i was worried she would destroy it since bunny's like to scratch at

udecx: modular portable outdoor patio decking system

our patio units are lightweight and incredibly durable. we’ve designed our patio decking system to be portable and temporary -- as well as strong enough to be installed permanently. our starter kit is delivered directly to your driveway and includes everything needed to transform your unique outdoor space into a personalized comfortable area

4 fast, fab and temporary flooring ideas for renters

vinyl sheeting is a great temporary flooring solution in kitchens and bathrooms. image: appleyayee/shutterstock. shop these products now: vinyl flooring. a quick and easy way to hide unsightly apartment floors is by rolling out a big sheet of vinyl flooring. you can use a removable adhesive or double-sided carpet tile to stick the flooring in

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5 temporary flooring ideas to cover a crappy rental apartment

shop now: engineered click wood flooring by heritage mill, $3/square foot, homedepot.com. don't balk at this just yet! click-in, engineered wood flooring has many advantages for temporary

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fast & easy to deploy portable flooring. fastdeck is ideal for stadium turf protection, tent events, portable walkways, military shelters, emergency tents, and more. fastdeck temporary flooring has limitless applications. fastdeck is strong yet still lightweight and easy to store.

temporary plastic flooring: perfect for indoor & outdoor events

plastic flooring installed by area rental & sales is the ideal solution to any event you may have on your calendar. need to protect your guest with a portable indoor/outdoor flooring solution? see how our flooring can be used in a variety of ways and can even go over grass, dirt, mud, and soft ground conditions.

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love the teak flooring i'm 73 and i was able to remove my carpet and lay the flooring all by myself saving more than $600.00 on labor i did the bedroom and the living room the two rooms look wonderful ((*.*))

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