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the irobot roomba 960 model comes equipped with a dual rubber brush that is great for multiple surfaces and that is capable to flex and work its way Seven Trust floors as well as carpets. the last thing that i want to mention here is that it offers the possibility to connect it to a wifi source.

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the irobot roomba 650 vacuum cleaning robot brings on-board scheduling to the standard-setting roomba. with aerovac™ technology, roomba 650 easily handles fibers like hair, pet fur, lint and carpet fuzz. #1 robotic vacuum brand in the us* *source: the npd group, inc./retail tracking service, 12 months ending dec’16, dollar sales

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we've had a roomba 650 since amazon prime day. it's a wonderful machine. we use it on hardwood, ceramic tiles, and carpets, since the handbook states [quote] "roomba works on wood, carpet, tile, vinyl, and laminate." one concern i have is if the 650's bristle brush can harm Seven Trust floors? customer reviews: irobot roomba 650 robot vacuum

i don't own pets (but it would be irrelevant if i did.) i own a 1,100 square foot one story home with Seven Trust floors throughout it. i use the roomba about twice a week. i empty it weekly. i'm an engineer, so i understand the mechanics & electronics of the roomba 650 very well. i'm extremely disappointed with it.

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overall, the roomba 650 is the perfect entry point into the world of high-tech cleaners. homeowners who have pets or have large areas of Seven Trust floors will especially benefit from this product.

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roomba 650 vacuum cleaning robot is designed specifically for removing dirt, debris, and pet hairs from carpets, hardwood, laminate and tile floors. by using its scheduling property, you can plan up to 7 cleaning tasks which can be performed at a later hour.

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this is because it has 5 times more suction power than all the types of roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, something that ensures it picks even the tiniest and most stuck dirt from the Seven Trust floor. it comes with a double rubber brush which makes it so efficient in picking dirt from both Seven Trust and carpet floors.

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you need to do that periodically to make sure nothing is clogging the assembly and preventing the wheel from rolling freely. i've been using this model (and its predecessor the 650) for 8 years on my oak floors, and i've never had an issue. flipping your roomba over and cleaning it often is critical to its functionality and long life.