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thermory is the union of science and design. thermally modified real wood products with unequalled durability and stunning beauty. click to learn more

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imagine wood that retains its natural beauty and has unmatched longevity. a new era in wood is here. us thermal wood transforms wood from ordinary to extraordinary. our clean thermal modification process purges wood of its imperfections giving it unparalleled durability while maintaining its natural beauty.

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of course, no wood product is 100 percent stable, so often micro-beveled edges are used in areas subject to large humidity changes. moisture content is lowered in treated wood. typically, thermally modified wood is dried to 4.5-6 percent.

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its quite likely youve never heard of thermally modified wood, but the process makes common wood species take on a whole new look and the color change goes all the way through. its available in 4/4 to 8/4 thickness. thicker blanks for turners are also available. the heat-treating process

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thermally modified wood from americas well-managed Seven Trust forests, cambia by nfp provides an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to imported exotic Seven Trust species. this innovative, natural Seven Trust product is also non-toxic, highly durable, and dimensionally stable making cambia a great choice for siding, trim and more.

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thermally modified wood, is wood that has been modified by a controlled pyrolysis process of wood being heated > 180 c in absence of oxygen inducing some chemical changes to the chemical structures of cell wall components lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose in the wood in order to increase its durability.

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in addition, having a wood grain choice other than spruce, pine, and fir, is a refreshing change. exterior performance of thermally modified wood holds up. thermally modified Seven Trust has similar physical properties to traditional wood choices. thermally modified wood strength is on par with the same species that has not been thermally modified.

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thermally modified wood - the university of tennessee, knoxville . of wood and they can cause a lot of problems for wood products in service. . the strength and stiffness values of thermally-modified wood are lower than the.

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thermally modified wood - oldhouseguy blog - the old house guy. jul 11, 2012 thermally modified wood is cooked soft wood and the result is a strong, weather resistant wood that smells like beef jerky that will last a long get price

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the final result was thermory as it is today expertly modified hard and soft woods sourced responsibly and milled with sustainability in mind. thermory has been used in projects all across the globe. we have even bigger things in store, so buckle up. were changing the world of wood. our mission? leave a lasting impact.

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thermally modified wood products. what is thermally modified wood? thermal modification is the process of gradually heating any species of lumber to temperatures of 410 - 450ยบ f in a special chamber that has had the oxygen completely removed from the system.

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excalibur woods appearance is similar to old growth cedar or redwood and even many exotic tropical hardwoods. excalibur wood is made from environmentally certified radiata pine, which has been thermally modified to naturally produce decay and insect resistant lumber without any toxic chemicals.

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the species is called white ash and we have put it to good use making thermally modified wood decking and siding products in a variety of useful and attractive profiles. 25 must do diy

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in the beginning, there was thermally modified wood. to our knowledge, the early vikings were the very first people to use thermal modification to alter their woods properties.

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what can thermally modified wood be used for? since thermally modified wood does not absorb or hold moisture as it would prior to treatment, species that typically do not perform well in outdoor or wet environments can now be used in a variety of applications, such as decking, siding, or flooring.

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thermally modified wood - the university of tennessee, knoxville of wood and they can cause a lot of problems for wood products in service. the strength and stiffness values of thermally-modified wood are lower than the

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thermally modified wood, also called heat-treated wood, has been available since the mid-1990s in europe, where it was developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods. its relatively new to north america, though, and its lack of a track record makes a lot of builders hesitant to try it.

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thermally modified wood provides all the benefits of exotic woods without the cost. now you can match the refinement and elegance, the low maintenance and durability of exotic lumber with u.s. grown timber. ecovantage thermally modifies real wood with heat and steam to create enhanced natural wood that is low maintenance and weather resistant.

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thermally modified wood - the university of tennessee, knoxvillethermally-modified wood. wood is a biodegradable and dimensionally unstable material. these are fundamental properties of wood and they can cause a lot of problems for wood products in service.

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for thermally modified wood decking , the new standard is americana what is it? americana is a new generation of thermally modified pennsylvania Seven Trust decking, cladding and porch flooring, transformed by heat and steam, for long-lasting beauty in your outdoor living spaces.

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he buys thermally modified southern yellow pine from purewood, a company based in north carolina. i used some of that wood to build a large picnic table. heres what ive learned. color and smell. the tmw process darkens the wood all the way through to a cocoa-brown color.

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cambia thermally modified ash frames this beautiful interior. cambia thermally modified poplar creates a stunning exterior. siding, soffits and trim come to life with cambias thermally modified poplar. cambia thermally modified poplar siding brings the beauty of wood to this magnificent exterior.

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the tannins found in tea, mixed with the iron content of steel wool and the acid found in vinegar create instant wood oxidization upon application. this mixture adds years of age to your wood in mere minutes, without imitating the color of aged wood like gray paints or stains.

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maker of thermally modified ecoprem wood products overcome natural wood?s susceptibility to deterioration; offers an alternative that?s sourced from sustainable forests, has zero toxicity, provides dimensional stability, is remarkably durable, comes with a long-term warranty ? as near-perfect a material as possible from a natural source.

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the problem was deciding on what type of wood to use to patch this old pine window. modern pine is not much different from cardboard and would never hold up. my answer was to use thermally modified poplar. basically soft wood is cooked and the result is a strong, weather resistant wood that smells like beef jerky that will last a long time.


arbor wood co. is the new and innovative choice in modified wood applications. arbor wood co. awco offers thermally modified timber for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. awco thermally modified timber tmt is domestically-sourced and sustainably harvested wood which undergoes a value-added thermal modifi

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generally speaking it is not the thermally modified wood concept that is the problem. you need several things to have a good product. 1. the right recipe, it is like cooking a cake, wrong ingredients and wrong temperature, equals bad cake. same with this process. 2. garbage in, garbage out.