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leave the deck boards longer than the deck, so they hang over the outer edge of the deck by several inches or more. after all the deck boards have been attached, pop a chalk line an inch or so past the end of the deck foundation and use a circular saw to cut the decking to the finished length.

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mark the rail position on the posts, and remove the damaged railing. position the new rail against the inside of the stairway posts. align the rail with the top rear corner of the top post and with the mark on the lower post. have a helper attach the rail temporarily with deck screws.

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cut replacement deck boards from matching lumber, using a circular saw. if the existing decking is gray, "weather" the new decking with a solution made from 1 cup of baking soda and 1 gallon of warm water. apply in the solution with a scrub brush. rinse and let dry.

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i am trying to figure out how many boards i would need to replace my existing boards. has wood – 2 x 6 now. dimensions are 41′ x 5′ 1″ with 3 – 6′ x 11.25″ steps as well as a step down at the door that is 4′ x 22.50. atm, the main deck is done with 2 12′ boards plus a 17′ board for each strip.

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an amazing, low-cost option to bring completely new life to your family's worn-out deck is learning how to replace old wood deck railing. if your top and bottom wood deck rails are looking

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cut the new deck board from matching material, both in thickness and wood type. it'll look different initially, but it'll blend in after a year or so, especially if you clean and reseal or stain your deck. cut the replacement board to length (you want a snug fit). then tap it into place with a hammer and a wood block.