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product: definition, characteristics and types

according to management, a product is viewed as the total product. it includes all those tangible and non-tangible aspects that management wants to offer. managerial dimension of product covers mainly core products, product-related features, and product-related services.

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the characteristics of petroleum , liquid mineral found naturally in the subsoil, ranging from its composition or extraction to the industry that is generated around it. oil is also called a fossil fuel, because it is formed when large numbers of dead organisms remain long under the sedimentary rock, subjected to intense heat and pressure.

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according to philip kotler, who is an economist and a marketing guru, a product is more than a tangible ‘thing’. a product meets the needs of a consumer and in addition to a tangible value this product also has an abstract value. for this reason philip kotler states

smpc : summary of product characteristics

summary of product characteristics. genomic factors (5/8) • pharmacogenomics (pgx) is defined as the study of variations of dna and rna characteristics as related to drug response. the knowledge in this field is ever increasing with the potential to improve the discovery, development and use of medicines.

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product characteristic can be characterized to finish the meaning of an item utilizing variations. product characteristics are properties that can be added to the item definition to broaden the depiction of each product. examples of characteristics are size, color, quality, shape or weight. these qualities can be utilized later to channel or inquiry items.

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introduction . product characteristic can be defined to complete the definition of a product using variants. product characteristics are attributes that can be added to the product definition to extend the description of each product.examples of characteristics are size, color, quality, shape or weight.

market targeting - targeting market segments effectively

rather, the market targeting strategy depends on several characteristics of the company. when choosing a market targeting strategy, the company should consider: the company’s resources. if resources are limited, a concentrated market targeting strategy might make more sense. the degree of product variability.

product positioning definition types of product positioning

product positioning definition and the various types of product positioning strategies. product positioning can be defined as the position or place a product resides in the consumer’s mind with respect to the competing product. it is a process used by marketers to determine the best possible way to promote the product attributes to the target market according to the customer needs and wants